Eating Chinese food in Chinese restaurants when I am in western countries seems to be an unavoidable  habit so my first day in Sydney this time was started with delightful Chinese food for lunch straight from the airport. Golden King 2000 Chinese Restaurant is no fancy brand but it has good reviews and my acquaintances in Sydney mostly love it so it can’t be bad, right? 🙂

The restaurant is known for its good value and delicious food, and relatively clean place. Since I went there in a group of 6 person, we decided to share everything together so we could order more variety to try some of their signature dishes.
First, I tried their Rainbow Steak (AUD 14.80), which is a deep-fried beef strips cooked with Peking sauce, a sweet and sour kind of sauce that instantly made it my favorite. The beef strips didn’t taste like beef but more like chicken, but I really love the crisp. To neutralize the strong sauce from this dish, I also had the typical deep-fried squid in spicy salt. The squid were big and they looked more like prawn tempura or something, and tasted so nice with hint of spiciness and salty enough to be eaten with rice.

Rainbow Steak AUD 14.80

Deep-fried Squids in Spicy Salt AUD 12.60

I don’t normally order vegetables (I know! XD) but I always love some round/long bean dish especially the one cooked with meat. This one was not an exception as the dish itself was very tasty and enjoyable, with the crunchy beans and delicious minced pork. Who can resist this??

Pork Mince with Round Bean in XO Sauce AUD 13.50

Chinese food is never complete without the shrimp/prawn, so I got introduced to this Salty Eggs with King Prawns and I was HOOKED! I usually love salty eggs stuffs, but this one was even better because the salty eggs were given generously, like, really generous. I didn’t know why they were called King Prawns though because they looked like regular shrimps to me, but well. XD

Salty Eggs with King Prawns AUD 24.80

For the last dish, I was recommended this particular chicken dish called Shangri-La Chicken, which tasted good but typical, if you know what I mean. Chinese restaurants in Western countries tend to have this typical stir-fried chicken with certain sauce base, then complemented with chili cuts. This was okay for me but not exactly my favorite. I was told that this is one of must order item when you go to Golden King 2000, but I would probably skip it in my next visit. 

Shangri-La Chicken AUD 14.80
Overall, the food were good, service was fast and excellent, and clearly with those portions, these are good values of money. And yes, I will come back for sure!
*AUD 1 = +/- IDR 11K
*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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