With so many small yet fancy cafes in Kemang, it’s no wonder that this area still has the best place in my heart in search of good culinary spots. This time I am gonna share a new cafe, Gustare, which serves coffee by SAICAF, a leading company from Italy that has been roasting coffee since 1932, also one of the first Italian companies to use automatic machines to process their coffee. 

The place is easy to find from the main street, just make sure to look for the signboard. It’s not big, just typical one ruko unit with 2 floors. We sat on the second floor which is much more spacious than the first, and if you come more than 2 person, it’s highly recommended to sit upstairs. 

As stated above, SAICAF is not only producing the coffee, but also the machines. In Gustare, we can find the professional coffee machine from SANREMO, which is true precision instrument, result of designs and know-how developed completely within the company.

Gustare serves variety of drinks from coffee, tea, and other beverages with prices ranging from IDR 15K – 35K, also pastries, food (from soup to dessert) ranging from IDR 25K – 75K. Since we just had lunch somewhere else so we just tried some of their drinks 😉
Green Tea Latte IDR 35K

It’s been a habit to order this favorite drink so I did and I couldn’t be more disappointed. Sadly to say, the green tea latte was so thin and runny, I could know it even just by looking at the color. Tasted mostly like milk with faint hint of green tea flavor, it was a disaster. Maybe I should just stick to coffee-based drinks next time!

Creme Brulee Coffee IDR 33K
Contrary to the above, this was pretty enjoyable and I felt like I was sipping melting creme brulee or something. XD The flavor was strong, very delicious.

Mocha Cookies Coffee IDR 36K
If you’re looking for something sweet yet still refreshing, this one is for you.

Avocado Coffee IDR 35K
Didn’t get to try this but we all LOVED the latte art! I mean this is unbelievably artistic, don’t you think? Not only the face was so decent, but there was the curly hair and everything, amazing <33 I was told that the taste was good too. So maybe I should try this later?

Enjoyed the coffee and got to know each others until the owner, Ms. Julia came approaching us. Born to a Scottish and Italian family, she is one of the most friendly, fun, and brightest foreigners I have ever met in Jakarta! She explained a bit about Gustare and later the waiters brought us the complimentary Espresso to try, thank you!

Espresso IDR 18K
The coffee used is the Saicaf one and processed using the SANREMO machine, resulting in a very smooth, flavorful coffee. It was quite acidic although I found it still tolerable. A good way to end the evening.

Last but not least, welcome to Indonesia, and I will be back soon for the food too! <33

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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