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Lately I seem to have huge cravings for Korean BBQ, especially the ones which come with All-You-Can-Eat system (because the a la carte ones can be darn expensive, for Christ sakes!). So few days ago I visited this restaurant called Ssikkek, specializing in Korean BBQ Buffet located in Kelapa Gading area, North Jakarta. I know it was a visit full of “niat banget” comments, but well, I usually try doing everything I want as much as I can.

Ssikkek itself is not a new name in the town, actually it has been operating in Jakarta since August 2013. It’s the same brand with the ones in Singapore and Malaysia, originally owned by a Korean who came to Singapore, Mr. Kim, who opened the first shop in Tanjong Pagar. Currently there are 6 stores in Singapore, 1 in Malaysia and this one in Jakarta. Well, actually before I came here, I heard that they are currently having 1st Anniversary special promotion: Buy 1 Get 50% off for the second person. Quite a good deal considering their initial prices also are already quite cheap!

The place is not too big but looking good and comfortable. I had lunch here during weekdays and I heard it could be super packed during dinner (even weekdays) and especially on weekends, but luckily I didn’t experience that. It was still empty when I came, although it was exactly lunch hour, but later more guests came and we were not really alone anymore. I noticed that usually Korean BBQ restaurants provide exhaust fan for each table, but Ssikkek doesn’t. The exhaust fans are available only in the center of the area and they are considered tiny, so I really can’t imagine how crazy the air is during peak hours! XD





The main theme of Ssikkek is their Buffet menu, which includes various type of meat (chicken, beef, pork), side dishes/appetizer (or banchan), additional dishes like Pajeon, Kimbap, Ramyun, Japchae, etc; also large selection of seasonings and condiments you may need to accompany the meat! The buffet table doesn’t look too big but seriously there are so many things there, much more than I imagined. And I noticed that NOT everything was available during my visit, which was a bit turn-off for me, but well, perhaps you’ll get luckier if you come during dinner or something. What I learn from Korean BBQ buffet here in Jakarta, the prices for AYCE for lunch and dinner are different so the availability of the ingredients are also different. But usually I choose to visit during lunch because I don’t like feeling bloated taking these stuffs for dinner, LOL!


Fresh meat ready to grill!


There is charge for leftover food (IDR 100K/100g)



Pajeon or Korean pancake – tasted bland, losing its crisp already 🙁


Sosiji Bokum – stir-fried sausage, tasty and crunchy!


Japchae – delicious, with generous amount of beef slices.
Topokki – enjoyable.


Kimchi Fried Rice – rice was too wet, loaded with beef slices, kimchi taste wasn’t prominent.
Korean Porridge – nice broth, very tasty.




Choices of ramyun’s soups: I wished I tried the Kimchi Soup on the right.



Everything you need to enhance your meat grilling party!


As you probably can see from the pictures above, although not everything was available, there were already lots of  choices! Beside the Buffet menu, if you want simpler menu, there is always an option of a la carte, too. This time, we skipped the a la carte and focused on the Buffet menu only because we just couldn’t control ourselves anymore, looking at the buffet table, LOL! XD


Lemon Soy Sauce, Sesame Salt and Ssamjang beside the Lettuce for wraps!






Well, I think everyone knows already how to enjoy Korean BBQ properly! I am more into Japanese yakiniku and even until now, sometimes I am still lost whenever I have to choose which sauce, which condiments, which anything to enjoy the meat in the “right way”. So basically, Korean BBQ meat are served in bigger cuts/slices compared to Japanese one, and some are very thick too. That’s why they always provide the special scissors and tongs that are super helpful! After the meat is grilled, use the scissors to cut it into smaller parts and then put the meat on the lettuce, add anything you like, the sauce, the condiments (such as kimchi, green chili cuts, garlic, etc), then wrap it. Voila, you’ll get the Korean BBQ wrap that has balanced taste of meat, veggie, and seasonings.


As Korean BBQ meat are usually already marinated, the usage of sauce or seasonings is completely up to you. For me, even without any dipping sauce, most all the time, the grilled meat already taste so good and rich. Sometimes I use the lemon soy sauce (I hope I get it right), because it has a salty and sour taste that help balancing the sweetness of marinating sauce (don’t know why but the marinating sauce usually tastes too sweet for my liking!). That’s when the lemon soy sauce really does the miracle and makes the taste much better, at least for me 🙂 But again, I was told by a Korean friend that basically you’ll just have to experiment and find what you like the most!


Ramyun – noodle was too soft, soup was bland like water.


And after indulging ourselves in seemingly-endless journey of meat grilling, we got a lovely gesture from the manager, who kindly gave us several stuffs as complimentary dishes. Didn’t expect that at all, but thank you!


L-R: Pangtoa Chocosephon & Bungu Samanko IDR 22.5K each


I was happy because the fish-shaped ice cream is always my favorite Korean ice cream, which is actually a vanilla ice cream filled with red bean. The chocolate one was chiffon cake filled with chocolate ice cream, and it also tasted very good. Although it was cold, but the chiffon cake was still soft and melted away in the mouth.



We also got to try some of their drinks, the Melon Juice (IDR 24.5K) and Strawberry Flavored Tea (IDR 19.9K). The juice was made from real fruit (could tell from the texture), very fragrant and sweet. And I thought it was already nice, until I took a sip of the tea. It was crazily delicious, unlike the other strawberry-flavored tea I have had in regular restaurants, this one actually was very fragrant, almost like a candy, in term of aroma and taste. If you know a candy or sweet named Cocorico, you’ll understand why I praise this drink so much. 😉




I really had great time grilling meat (and eating them) in Ssikkek. Although I only experienced some of the options, I am sure there will be second, third and other visits in the future so I think I will be able to try the other missing menu later. One thing I must emphasize here, is that they really have good service. Beside being super polite, the staffs clearly took good care of us and always offered to help, anything. Since the moment I came in, I already felt so comfortable and I was amazed that they kept an eye on us all the time, ready to help whenever we needed it. Hope they will maintain this and I am sure more people will come back after their first visit! <333



Oh yes, the AYCE prices are valid everyday from 11.30AM to 10PM.

Lunch (11.30 – 16.59)
Adult IDR 115.900++
Child IDR 95.900++

Dinner (17.00 – 22.00)
Adult IDR 135.900++
Child IDR 115.900++

Sat-Sun & Public Holidays:
Lunch & Dinner
Adult IDR 135.900++
Child IDR 115.900++

All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax

* The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

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Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet
Kelapa Gading Square (Ruko MOI)
Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya Blok A No. 5-6
Jakarta Utara
Ph. +62 21 2936 4049
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Sun  11.30 – 22.00


Ssikkek is located just beside MUSE Photography 🙂

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