Tanamera Coffee Roastery is fresh roast artisans that has been creating buzz since the moment it opens its first coffee shop in Central Jakarta. Located in the office complex of Thamrin City, finding this shop can be quite tricky because one doesn’t simply find it just like passing the way through, unless he/she is familiar with the area. We visited this place some months ago, and we were lucky because we came during odd hours so we easily got a table inside, and actually could enjoy our drinks very peacefully.

First of all, the coffee shop is small, fit for 4 tables and if you’re looking for privacy, you probably won’t get it here. I suppose only less than 20 person can sit inside and if you prefer to sit outside, there are some tables available too. The place is tiny but very clean and sleek, moreover, with the surrounding environment like Thamrin City office complex, I almost felt I was somewhere outside the country. The super fragrant coffee aroma warmly greeted us when we opened the sliding door, what a wonderful way to start a day, don’t you think?

Tanamera Coffee uses coffee beans from all over Indonesia, freshly roasted in-house on their Diedrich Roaster. For the single origins, we can try their Aceh Gayo Semi-washed and Natural Process, Lake Toba, West Java, and Flores Manggarai. They also have their famous Premium Blend that embodies three of Indonesia’s most renowned regions for Arabica coffee production: Gayo Natural Process, Flores Manggarai, then West Papua beans.

This time, we tried their Daily Brew (IDR 28K) and we managed to try 3 single origins flavors: Aceh Gayo Natural Process, Lake Toba and Flores Manggarai. Honestly, I am not even a coffee expert and I just generally enjoy drinking coffee, but I was very curious to taste them. Before I went there, I had heard so many rave reviews about the shop so my expectation was seriously high. The baristas were amazingly friendly and informative, maybe because I looked confused or just had the newbie look on my face (or perhaps they are just that friendly, period!), they took time explaining to us before we decided what to order. Thank you!
These 3 flavors that I tried were all very strong. My personal favorite was the Flores Manggarai because it was slightly milder than the other two (please note that this is my personal opinion, so not everyone may agree) and less sour. In contrary, I found the Lake Toba quite harsh and too strong for me, especially it being so acidic and thick, I hardly could stand a sip, let alone enjoying it. The Aceh Gayo Natural Process was quite nice though, with its fruity flavor and medium sourness.
Aceh Gayo Natural Process IDR 28K

Flores Manggarai IDR 28K

Lake Toba IDR 28K

Lake Toba IDR 28K
Along with coffee, some sweet desserts would be great to accompany it, right? So we also got to try Tanamera’s infamous Banana Caramel Cake (IDR 30K) and honestly, it was truly as great as what people say. The cake was solid in consistency but very soft and moist in texture. Also fulfilled with chocolate and walnut bits, it was perfectly smooth and delicious. The cake itself wasn’t too sweet so the caramel on top was a great addition enhancing the sweetness. This actually gave a mutual combination to the coffee, and I highly recommend to drink Tanamera’s coffee with a company of their freshly baked cakes for maximum enjoyment! And trust me, one slice is NEVER enough! XD 

Banana Caramel Cake IDR 30K
Later on, after everything was finished on the table, I had a sudden urge to try their Espresso (IDR 22K) and although the barista kindly suggested me to choose my preferred beans, I decided to try their House Blend coffee that has medium body and intensity, with high acidity. He kept reminding me that it would be “very acidic” but I just wanted to give it a try. And seriously, one should really listen to what the experts say because I was horrified by the taste of this. The espresso was one of the strongest I have ever had in my life, with maximum level of acidity that I instantly got goosebumps when I had my first sip. I had to close my eyes so tight and shake my head vigorously to digest the taste and one thing I still remember until now, it certainly wasn’t a pleasant feeling. I am not exaggerating but well, I just couldn’t take it -__-;;

House Blend Espresso IDR 22K

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time there and I found it easy to fall in love to the place and the atmosphere, but it may differ when I come during peak hours! So for the time being, so glad that Tanamera Coffee exists in Jakarta and hopefully I can try more of their fab coffee creations in the near future. Cheers for the local coffee supporters!

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Tanamera Coffee Roastery
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