One thing I love the most whenever I go to Kota Kasablanka Mall is the wide variety of food that I can choose. Not only they have so many restaurants in specialized location, the food places are practically everywhere, as their food complex called Food Society covers more than a level and the feeling that I am surrounded by so many options always makes me feel really good. XD
Last time, when I was walking around after my not-so-satisfying wings experience, I decided to stop by this vintage-looking place that gave me vibe of another “kopi tiam”. I am not precisely a fan of kopi tiam (except those real ones in Singapore, some of them), but well, why not, because I only wanted some light bites that time (or so I thought..) and I was told that OLDTOWN White Coffee serves good food.

The restaurant has two dining areas, in the inside and outside. We chose to be seated in the outside area because it was less packed that time, and the lighting was much better to take photos. However, I think inside has more privacy, so yeah. I especially love the cute lightings, where the lamps are put inside birdcages, cuteness overload! 😉

Surprisingly, the menu is quite extensive, from light bites to heavier meals with some signature dishes, so it was quite difficult to only order snacks. *excuse, excuse* So in the end, we decided to order some heavier dishes and the famous drinks, let’s check them out!

Nan Yang C IDR 27K
This Nan Yang coffee was quite thick and strong, or just like the one I usually call “driver’s coffee”, due to its thickness and distinct taste. I actually loved this one because it really reminds me of “kopi tubruk” and the amount of milk was just perfect.

Honey Lemon Juice IDR 27K
This is probably not so special drink but I quite like their version, with balanced amount of honey and lemon, it was really good and soothing. One thing I like about this kind of drinks is the benefit for throat so it’s always nice to have this kind of option in the menu.

White Coffee Hazelnut IDR 29K
White coffee is their signature coffee drink and it was indeed very good. The coffee was very aromatic yet mild in taste, good combination with hazelnut.

Signature Curry Mee IDR 45K
This was very good actually, and if you happen to like spicy food, I think you’ll enjoy this very much. The noodle was the kind of yellow noodle, nice texture and consistency that makes you craving for more. And the curry soup, excellent! The taste was so bold, strong and full of flavors that I think it must have been prepared for quite sometime using many live stocks as well as herbs and spices. The most distinctive taste was prawn taste, but I think there must be various stuffs chucked into the broth. This was the kind of curry soup that will make you go coughing if you slurp it quickly. Definitely a memorable one.

BBQ Chicken Egg Noodles IDR 42K
They use Wonton noodles for this dish and you have no idea how happy I was because it’s one of my favorites ever! It was good, well cooked and had its “crunchiness”, and tasted good with the chicken and veggies. It also came with fried dumplings, something like “bakwan”, which was like icing on the cake. Not only that, the portion was also very generous so I think this one really hit the mark so perfectly!

Curry Chicken Rice IDR 46K
Using the same curry soup with the curry mee, this was another recommended dish.

Kaya Butter Toast IDR 28K
This snack is not really a new menu for kopi tiam alike shops, but well, I was told that their version is among the best we can find. And is that true? Well, after trying this myself, I couldn’t agree more! The toast was definitely the best kaya butter toast that I have ever had so far. The bread was smooth yet crunchy, and the kaya was sweet and delicious. The butter only spread very thinly, just on the edges but quite thick and salty enough to make the toast colorful in taste. Next time I am gonna eat this with a cup of hot coffee and I bet it would be fantastic!

Later on, I just learned that OLDTOWN White Coffee is a brand originated from Malaysia, and beside the cafe outlets, they also produce instant drinks like coffee, milk tea, and many others. Interestingly, those products can also be obtained from the outlets, already in the nice packagings and ready to sell.

Ready stock products, the instant drinks!

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax

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OLDTOWN White Coffee
Kota Kasablanka Mall Upper Ground (UG) FSU #15
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
Jakarta Selatan 12870
Ph. +62 21 2948 8969
Free Wi-Fi: Available
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00

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