Last Saturday, we went to Eatology in Sabang area for lunch. Eatology is not a new restaurant, in fact, it has been around for quite sometime, perhaps more than 2 years old already. Sabang street is not big but always packed with interesting shops, cafes or restaurants but I have kinda lost track already. During my high school time, I used to know so much about the area because my school was just another block away, but time to time, I sometimes come back and always find something new. 

It looks like a simple cafe from the outside but when I stepped inside, the place is actually quite big and spacious. The first area is outdoor area with glass ceiling so it is very bright. The other area is located more in the inner side, which is indoor area, with fewer natural lights but nicer temperature (i.e. air-conditioned room). There is also second floor which is mainly used for events or gatherings. Basically the place screams go green to me, and it’s always refreshing to be in this kind of place. When I was there, I almost forgot that I was in the middle of Sabang street, because it was very peaceful and quiet inside. And perhaps because my visit was on a Ramadan, not many visitors were there and Sabang street was also unusually quiet and empty.

Menu varies from Indonesian to Western dishes, and currently they also serve Ramadan Special menu. For this visit, not all the food reviewed here are available on the menu because we used voucher, but I think if you’re interested, you can ask the staff and they can make those for you 😉 
Japanese Spicy Salad

The veggies are mixed with salmon and kani slices then topped with mayo, very refreshing. Contrary to its name, the salad was not spicy at all.

Appetizer Sampler IDR 54K
The sampler consists of Spanish fries, chicken wings, garlic bread. The fries were nicely cooked but I think the chef forgot to add seasonings and made it tasteless. I understood that we had the dipping sauce but some saltiness wouldn’t hurt. XD The chicken wings were already soft and not crunchy at all, but the sauce was delicious. The other one, which I thought fried mushrooms were good. I found this plate enjoyable but I don’t think I will order again next time.

Four Cheese Pizza IDR 45K
The pizzas here are grilled in brick oven, and although I couldn’t see the process, the pizza looked good! The bread was a bit hard especially on the edges, but the cheese toppings were lovely.

Rib Eye Steak with Black Pepper Sauce
Wasn’t disappointed with this steak, thick and juicy, topped with tasty and bold black pepper sauce, it was clearly my favorite of the day!

Beef Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Sauce
Loved the sirloin although I got it well done while I actually asked for medium-well. The mashed potato was not exactly my favorite, a kind of gooey jelly-alike one, probably instant? The mushroom sauce was nice, though.

Pink Lemonade IDR 21K
A true lemonade with massive sourness, very refreshing!

Brownies ala Mode IDR 35K
Thanks to their recommendation, I ordered this for dessert. The brownies is said to be one of the most favorite dessert in Eatology and after I tried it myself, I can totally understand. The brownies were very soft, served warm, and the chocolate flavor was so rich that I wanted to cry! As if it wasn’t enough, it was poured with chocolate syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream that melted quickly because of warmth from the brownies. Now this was HEAVENLY delicious and is definitely recommended!!

Overall, a nice dining experience in such a place, made me feel healthier and more natural with all the green environment and peaceful surroundings. And I didn’t even have to go somewhere outside Jakarta to get this feeling 😉 If you need some place for getaway, count it in, you won’t be disappointed!

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
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