Deciding about what to eat when you are inside Kota Kasablanka Mall can be a little confusing because of so many options that are available there. During my visit some weeks ago, I decided to try this cute looking fast food kind of restaurant located on the Lower Ground (LG) Floor (which is the floor that I usually hang around first when looking for somewhere to eat), Cooking Panda, located just beside Wing Stop.

For a fast food restaurant, Cooking Panda is quite big and I suppose seating capacity is about 30-40 person indoor and there is also outdoor area. What’s cute about the place is the panda logo and all the funny quotes written everywhere on the wall. Because of the fast food concept, so we order the food from the counter first and bring them ourselves to the table. The menu are mostly Japanese-inspired ranging from rice bowls, combo sets that resemble bento, side dishes such as fried snacks, also kids meals and desserts are available too. For pricing, it’s recommended to make your order a complete meal set because it will be cheaper that way! 😉

I actually came here in large group and we ordered almost everything on the menu, but since most all of us were crazily starving that time, some food couldn’t be photographed, LOL! Anyway, I think by looking at these below, I hope you’ll get the idea what kind of food they serve 🙂

Chicken Volcano (Reg) + Lemon Tea IDR 38.5K

From the appearance, it looked decent and delicious, and it was indeed delish! The chicken tasted sweet, spicy and very tasty if I have to say. Glad that the rice was given quite generously.

Black Thunder Beef (Large) + Complete Set IDR 52K
The beef bowl was better than I expected, the bowl was literally covered with beef slices, and they tasted very good too. Nice flavor, enough saltiness, and the pepper was very strong. The only thing I dislike was that the beef was actually kind of sweet, too sweet for my liking. The complete set added a free-refill tea and another plate of fried stuffs like fried shrimp, chicken roll and nugget. Enjoyable meal set.

Sexy Curry Chicken Katsu IDR 45K
The curry was very runny and tasted like Japanese curry with Indian twist. If you like a mild-taste curry, you’ll probably dislike this as it smelled and tasted stronger than usual Japanese one. I love strong curry taste so I like it. The chicken katsu were not the best but they were alright.

Ice Cream Sundae IDR 7.5K
Ordered this out of curiosity and it turned out to be good, even better than the one in some burger joints,  The ice cream was milky and the chocolate syrup was perfectly thick and fragrant. Love it.

Overall, my experience with Cooking Panda was pleasant, in term of food. But I think they really need to improve the service, especially the staffs’ attitude and speed. Okay, I completely understand the concept is fast food restaurant, or mostly serve yourself, but we don’t have access to everything, such as chopsticks, spoons or forks, even napkins, and we have to ask for some when we need those. And I know the service sucks so bad because during my visit, it wasn’t even crowded at all, and the attitude of the staffs were bad, starting from the cashier, and also the other waitresses. Hope that it will be better as time goes by. See you again soon!

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Cooking Panda
Kota Kasablanka Mall LG Floor Unit L28
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
Jakarta Selatan 12870
Ph. +62 21 2946 5137 
Free Wi-Fi: Available
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00

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