Last Saturday, we were invited to a collaboration event by Groupon Indonesia and Paradise Dynasty to introduce 5 new seasonal menu from the restaurant. Paradise Dynasty itself is not a new player in F&B field, under the management of Boga Group (Bakerzin, Pepper Lunch, Ten Ten, Canton Paradise, etc), the restaurant is famous for its Xiao Long Bao that comes in 8 colors, each represents distinct flavors. 
The event basically introduces Charms of Shanghai, which inspires the creation of 5 new menu that can be enjoyed in both outlets in Plaza Senayan and Central Park Mall.

Sliced Bean Curd Skin with Peppercorns IDR 38K
Bean curd skin is typically found in Chinese dishes but usually cooked with stir-fry or soup as one of the side ingredients (at least from my own experiences). Here, it becomes the main ingredient of the dish and frankly speaking, it was pretty decent. Because those are sliced, the dish was nicely served as appetizer because of its mild taste and the crunchiness was the key point that makes this dish enjoyable. And yes, they put lots of coriander/cilantro or what people here call “wansui”, my favorite!!

Oat Cubes with Fungus, Enoki Mushrooms, and Peanuts IDR 48K
This was quite tasty and full of flavors, although basically it was just like regular Chinese dishes with loads of corn starch for the sauce, not really my favorite.

Famous Shanghainese Special Soup with Pork, Bean Curd Knots, and Bamboo Shoots IDR 68K
When this was served, I mistakenly thought that the sliced bean curd skin was noodle and honestly, I thought it was better if noodle was in there (what’s with the bean curds in all the dishes, anyway?). The pork was nice but overwhelmed by the bones, LOL. The other ingredients blended in together and tasted good with the thick soup. If you are into strong flavor, I’d recommend putting chili oil inside, the soup will definitely taste better.

Braised Yang Zhou Meatball IDR 68K
These big meatballs are served with Japanese mushrooms, cinnamon and pak choi. The meatballs were quite solid and rich in flavors, thanks to the aromatic cinnamon and strong sauce. The pak choi were fresh and enhancing the strong taste of meatballs.

Deep Fried Prawns with Chef’s Special Sauce IDR 108K
The prawns were perfectly fried and the sauce was just like typical Chinese sweet and sour sauce. Personally this is my personal favorite among these 5 new menu because I am just a sucker for sweet-and-sour type of dishes, especially when the meat (chicken, fish, beef, whatever they are) are deep-fried like this (with flour). If you like typical sweet and sour dishes, I am sure you’ll love this too!

Beside trying all the 5 new menu, they also served us some of the signature dishes of Paradise Dynasty. Sorry I didn’t get their names and can’t write because I don’t want to give wrong information, so I promise I will update this post later after I get the correct names of each menu. Planning to go there sometime this week so for a while, please enjoy the photos first, LOL!

Thanks Paradise Dynasty and Groupon Indonesia for the invitation, see you next time!

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