Jakarta is always busy with festivals and events, including culinary-related ones, that usually attract foodies and culinary enthusiasts. Currently, there is a big event held in the Exhibition Hall area on 5th floor of West Mall, Grand Indonesia. Just few days ago, another culinary-themed event was also held there (Market Museum “Surprise Kitchen”), and now the area has totally transformed. We went to the Market Museum on the last day but didn’t write about it. 
Photo courtesy of Jakarta Culinary Passport 2014

Jakarta Culinary Passport 2014 is scheduled to be opened for public on June 5th – 8th, and we went there today (2nd day) around afternoon and we could see people love this kind of event! With the theme “Time across the Foodniverse”, the areas are (supposedly) themed with 4 different timelines, such as 20’s – 50’s, 60’s – 80’s, 90’s – 00’s, and future. I was thinking that the areas would have been separated with different decorations or something like that, but basically the timeline difference isn’t really visible from the decoration, LOL.

Oh yes, to join the event, we need to pay entrance fee for IDR 10K/person, and we’ll get a passport. Inside the passport, there is a page of Endorsement Visa, where we can collect stamps whenever we buy something from any tenants. If you collect 4 stamps, you have the chance to win a door prize, a handphone, that will be announced on Sunday, June 8th. 

The venue is similar to where Market Museum was held, but this looks bigger because they use more space, I think. What’s even better is that they provide long tables and chairs for dining area, so if you’re lucky, you can save some spot and have a seat when you eat. I was lucky so after walking around buying this and that, I got seats and could actually take photos of what I bought. Although I couldn’t take photos of everything (too hungry to wait, LOL!), here are some of them!
Popcorn Chicken IDR 30K
This comes from this eye-catching booth called Industrie, and they have samples ready to try. The popcorn chicken are crunchy, spicy, and addictive! Beside the food bites, they also sell various drinks, such as green tea coffee, fermented cassava drink (tape), and so on. 

Pannacotta – Original IDR 25K
I heard about this brand before but haven’t tried it yet. Every purchase of the pannacotta, you’ll get the sauce for free (can choose according to your liking). Brought this back home and it became very runny so I am keeping this refrigerated first for now.

Chicken Paella IDR 40K
This one is from Tapas Movida, one of the best Spanish restaurants in Jakarta. God knows how much I have missed Mr. Manuel’s delicious paella, so seeing their stand in this event was like a total WHOA. The food are already done when ordered, but they will microwave them for you, so it will be served warm. I loved my paella although it couldn’t be compared with the freshly-cooked one if you eat in the restaurant. Well, at least for temporary happiness, LOL! Don’t forget to try their infamous Sangria for only IDR 35K/glass.

Milky Way Pudding IDR 100K/6 bottles
Although I am not really a fan of pudding (and other sweet desserts in general), people around me certainly are and sometimes I am so used of buying all these stuffs just so they can try them. Mr. K and my nephew are definitely the biggest influence in this matter and when I go out with them to this kind of event, 99.999 100% chance I will come back with various desserts in my hands, especially pudding. I have seen Milky Way puddings in many occasions, in their booth in Plaza Senayan etc, but never really bought any until today. The puddings are put in bottles and priced starting from IDR 18K. I have yet to try these, but was excited to see the variety of flavors, they even have Baileys!

Sate Blesteran IDR 30K
With IDR 30K, we got rice, 3 sticks of chicken satay, and a glass of blue drink which is made from Pepsi Blue, lychee and soursop. In term of heavier meals, there are not many beside sushi, onigiri and some Indonesian food, so this could be a good choice. The satay have 3 options, with Japanese seasonings, Italian herbs, or Arabian spices. Too bad we didn’t get to try the Japanese one because it wasn’t available, but the Italian and Arabian ones were not bad, although we wished they were stronger in aroma and flavors.

Coco Boat Set IDR 20K & Coco Cruise Set IDR 25K
I think this needs no more introduction as Kelasi (Kelapa Isi) has been trending for quite sometime now. Serving ice creams and the toppings on a coconut-half, it is pretty and yummy in the same time. With only IDR 20K, we got the ice cream and 2 toppings (sticky rice and peanuts), and with additional IDR 5K, you can choose 2 more toppings. Just get in the line as fast as you can, because the queue can be so irritating, LOL!

Mini Trio Burger  IDR 50K
These cute little burgers come from Burgreens booth, that is probably quite known among event-goers. Serving healthy and organic food, these burgers are vegetarians-friendly because all the patties are made from beans, mushrooms and spinach. Didn’t try them but my brother said it was the first and last time for him. LOL!

Macarons IDR 70K/6 pcs
These lovely macarons are from Belle et Petite, I have tried all their macarons flavors and personally I love them. The macarons are lovely, thick and chewy, with distinctive flavors. I wanted the ovomaltine one but it wasn’t available, no problem because I got the rose and marie regal ones, yay!

Matcha Ice Cream Sandwich IDR 18K
Tried this out of curiosity and didn’t really like it. The sandwich was too thick, dry and didn’t compliment the ice cream flavor. The size is relatively small compared to other ice cream sandwich with same price.

Thai Tea IDR 20K
Comes from a stand Addic’tea that sells various tea drinks in 2 sizes.

Choco Drinks IDR 15K each
Was very interested on these drinks when walking around, because I am just a total sucker for cocoa drinks! We tried some samples and decided to buy 4 of available flavors because everything was so yummy and surprisingly not too sweet!

Chicken Teriyaki Cabe Ijo/Merah IDR 30K
This one was from Suntiang (Japanese and Padang combination, anyone?) and although it looked good and appetizing, eating these sushi was just like eating Nasi Padang in disguise. I kinda liked the spiciness of the red and green chili, but still. Oh yes, there is also another booth selling this kind of food called Icushi, I tried the Sushi Balado and I must say it was horribly bad. Bad roll, bad rice, the balado sauce was nice, though. I wonder why people try so hard to make anything go with sushi??

Well, there are so many stands/booths that are worth checking, but we didn’t take pictures of them or what we bought from them. BTW it wasn’t as good as we expected but we had much fun there. The event is still going on until June 8th, so make sure to visit if you have time! 🙂

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