Nowadays, bread has been playing a very important role in urban life, especially for people who demand faster, quicker meal which can be enjoyed anywhere with no hassle. There are so many shops or bakeries selling bread, but have you ever tried this bread shop called Bread of Kurtos? Located in the Grab-to-Go section in B floor of fX Sudirman, this stall is a newbie as it has just opened since a month ago. 
As the name suggests, the stall only sells kurtos bread, or probably more popularly known as Chimney cake (Lady Alice Tea Room, anyone?), a kind of bread originated from Hungary. What’s unique about this bread is of course the shape, which looks like a spiral, and for me, watching how each bread is made was very interesting! They use special tube to make the roll from the dough, then bake them right away in special oven. After it is done, the staff will hold the long stick and push the tube out and voila, the bread is ready! I watched the staff doing it and didn’t mind waiting for my orders, LOL!

So after the bread is done, we can actually choose the toppings we want, pretty neat, isn’t it?  There are 3 types of kurtos they sell; Original IDR 13K each, Favorite (Rice Chocolate, Rice Rainbow, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Peanut Butter) IDR 16K each, and Premium (Garlic Cheese, Nutella Hazelnut, Almond Peanut Butter, Chicken Spicy Floss) IDR 20K each. 

The kurtos bread is pretty big in size and added with the topping, it looked like a promising treat for bread lovers. In fact, the taste was as good as how it looked. The bread had its crust on the outer layer to the term of crispy, yet chewy inside, which was pretty addictive. Without overpowering smell of butter or anything, the taste was perfect with hint of saltiness and typical yeast fragrance. The staff told me how to eat kurtos bread properly, that I have to find the little fold and tear it like opening a spiral. I hope the photo below can give you illustration of that!

I tried the Nutella Hazelnut and Cinnamon Brown Sugar ones, and I must say I fell in love with them the moment I had my first bite! I actually watched how the staff spread the Nutella on my kurtos and God bless him for being so generous with that. And I didn’t expect that actual nuts were gonna be added on top of the Nutella, so yeah, double happiness! As for the cinammon, I have nothing to say except that it was AWESOME. Like, seriously! Trust me, once you start munching on these, it’s very difficult to stop.

Nutella Hazelnut IDR 20K

Cinnamon Brown Sugar IDR 16K
Now, why don’t you try some for yourself? 🙂

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Bread of Kurtos 
FX Lifestyle X’nter B Floor
Grab To Go section
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Pintu Satu Senayan
Jakarta Selatan 10270
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00

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