The Stacks Burger is one of the newest restaurant in town that serves unique burgers using noodle beside the usual burger buns. The concept is brought by Astrid Hadywibowo (and Ivan, her husband), the owner of yet other trending places such as LIN Artisan Ice Cream and Papabubble candy store. My visit was just few days ago and it had just been less than 3 weeks after opening day so I didn’t expect it to be too crowded. The location is right beside LIN store and basically it’s connected one to the other so we can actually sit anywhere we like. 

My first impression when I entered the room was that the place is very spacious and looks comfortable. It is fun, colorful and simple in the same time. Rattan chairs, long benches with colorful cushions, and hanging lamps, everything is just very cute and inviting. Oh, don’t forget the fancy cobblestones-like tiles, those are just too cute to be ignored!

So the ordering system is by the counter, and the food will be then delivered to your table. The main menu is of course the burger (duh!) which is separated into 3 categories, noodle burger, mini sandwiches or burger buns. Beside that, there are also finger food and kids menu. Prices range from IDR 39K to 54K for the burgers, and IDR 29K – 37K for the finger food. The options for the burgers are not much, though. There are just 5 options and we ordered 4 of them, so this review pretty much sums almost everything in the burger menu, LOL. Drinks are also available with prices range from IDR 10K – 34K, from water to coffee, even beer. Quite nice, don’t you think?

Kitchen behind the counter, separated by only transparent glass wall.

Marinated Beef and Special Sour Chili Sauce with Noodle Burger IDR 54K
First, the beef was indeed very good, well-marinated and very tender despite being quite thick. The so-called special sour chili sauce failed to impress me though because I could barely taste it. Rather than “special”, I thought it was just a usual combination of tomato and chili sauce on a burger, that’s all. The noodle was surprisingly quite good, with nice texture and enough crisp on the outside. Uniquely, it could be held like a usual burger bun as the noodle was pretty solid. I thought it was just a usual deep-fried noodle, but it wasn’t. The noodle was quite soft in the inside, only crispy outside. My opinion? Love it!

Grilled BBQ Chicken with Noodle Burger IDR 45K
The grilled BBQ chicken looked very tempting with its super colorful, shiny sauce all over the chicken. I kind of liked it because it had certain sweetness and sourness that really rings BBQ sauce to me. The chicken was tender and nicely grilled, and actually very easy to eat.

Breaded Chicken with Mayonnaise Noodle Burger IDR 45K
I didn’t try this one but this certainly looked thick and good!

Breaded Fish and Tar Tar Sauce with Burger Bun IDR 46K
The burger bun was a must try since it’s a burger place and I wasn’t disappointed. The bun was soft and tasty, and the breaded fish was heavenly good. I really liked the tar tar sauce combination with the fish, it was just perfectly blended together.

French Fries IDR 29K
As if all the fries weren’t enough, we ordered another plate and we should have ordered waffle fries instead. This was good but standard french fries and we really didn’t need anymore of this, actually, LOL!

Calamari and Chips IDR 37K
Calamari is one of our favorite finger food and sometimes things can go really wrong with this simple food. And we were lucky this time because the calamari was perfect! Nice size, soft and tender squid rings, and yummy tar tar sauce. I had nothing to complain, really.

The most interesting thing for me is, I actually witnessed (partly) how the noodle was made. I saw it when a usual curly noodles mixed with certain seasonings, then probably grilled (or fried?). Honestly, the noodle is not much different from usual egg noodles that we easily find in market, but well, I really admire the creativity of using this kind of ingredients as replacement of burger bun. The fact that it also tastes good is like an icing on a cake. 
Then, the ultimate question is: would I come back for another burger round there? Hmm, probably yes, only if my burger eating session is finished with one or two cups of LIN gelato, LOL. But seriously, for those prices, I would want my burger to be bigger and better garnished, perhaps. And of course, more side dishes options wouldn’t hurt because looking at the photos now, everything was just burger and fries. And I expected a lot from a creative mind like Astrid Hadywibowo 🙂
Anyway, I had a really great time there, so see you another chance!

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