I guess only God knows how much I had been missing Kempi Deli when it was closed temporarily for a renovation. When I found out that it has been reopened in bigger outlet on the second floor of East Mall Grand Indonesia, I enthusiastically tried to squeeze in, a proper visit to this very deli that I love so much. Finally, I could go and enjoy the brand new outlet located just opposite to Paulaner Brauhaus. It is indeed bigger than the previous outlet, and with more attractive look, imho. 

As a cafe, delicatessen and bakeshop in one place, Kempi Deli seriously does its job nicely in such a simple place. It serves many types of bread (mostly European), deli, pastries, cakes, even light meals like salads. Either for dining in or taking out, all the products are guaranteed fresh prepared by Executive Pastry Chef, Jacques Poulain, together with the master butcher (also for Paulaner), Patrik Quinter for the cold cuts and sausage specialties, and dry pasta made by the Italian chef, Gianfranco Beltrami. Not only that, in here, we can also purchase Kempi Deli’s premium packaged products that are locally and sustainably sourced, from fruit jam to cooking salt.

Since I just had late lunch somewhere else, and it was in the middle of an afternoon, I decided to have some quick bites and enjoy the glorious looking cakes. Honestly, the cakes are not many, but they looked so damn good, man! And the first thing that caught my (and my almost 5 y/o nephew) was the green Pistachio cake which looked so adorable and sparkly in the same time. Oh yes, beside all the food, it also serves Illy coffees and teas, as well as fresh juices. Lovely!
Fruit Pastry IDR 25K each
Honestly, it’s very difficult for me to resist any pastries especially the ones with stacks of layers and shiny look. Kempi Deli’s pastries are one of the most irresistible ones even only judged from appearances. I tried the Blueberry, Strawberry, Apple and Hazelnut ones, and my favorite was the strawberry. Size wise, my heart goes to Hazelnut one, but despite of its stunning look, the pastry was quite hard because it had already been in the display basket for a while. The strawberry was probably newer, because the pastry was still soft yet crispy, and the strawberries are ones to die for, very fresh and sweet! These are pretty enjoyable although I wish they can warm these up for people who want to eat there, remember Eric Kayser? That would be much appreciated, I guess.
Blueberry Pastry

Hazelnut Pastry

Strawberry Pastry

Apple Pastry

Chocolate Eclair IDR 30K
The eclair size was quite big and fluffy, and only chocolate one was available during my visit. It was nice, soft and fulfilled with generous amount of cream. The chocolate glaze on top wasn’t really my thing, though, because the texture was almost like gelatin, gooey and kinda sticky, but tasted just like usual chocolate glaze.

Pistachio Cake IDR 30K
Pistachio is one of my favorites ever, so I am happy that recently it’s kind of easy to get pistachio-related desserts in Jakarta. You know, I was thinking about the macarons when I visited Kempi Deli (their macarons are THE BEST!!) and I was sad that they didn’t have any that day, but my mood was actually getting better because of this cake. The pistachio cake is simply one of the best pistachio creations I have ever had in my life, no kidding! The cake wasn’t only beautiful, it also tasted wonderful. Consisted of mainly soft cream, the cake was easy to eat and I just couldn’t stop admiring it. The gold on the top seems like real gold, and uniquely it’s edible, how cool is that?! In the inside, there is a little layer of berry jam, and the pistachio crumbles are put in the bottom part so if you cut the cake, make sure you eat one part from top to bottom in one go.

Iced Cappuccino IDR 32K
What I love about places like this is that they serve real coffee as in real REAL, not only instant coffee or low quality ones. The coffee was quite thick and had certain aroma that can be differentiated almost immediately from the first sip. It came with a separated thick liquid sugar, I added all to my coffee and it tasted magnificently good without being overly sweet!

Americano IDR 30K
A cup of Americano always can brighten up my day instantly. Even with the aroma itself, I am kind of “awaken” already, LOL! Here, this bitter coffee is served with another cup of milk, and with additional sachet of prepared sugar, I got my dosage of my fave Americano, yay!

Black Forest Cake IDR 30K
This along with the bagel were actually a take away and of course a trip to bakery or deli is never complete without a take away, right? Decorated with big, gigantic chocolate ribbon, the cake is surely hard to be missed if you look from the glass display. The ribbon is actually milk chocolate, along with the “wrap”. After I took the wrap away, there are only 2 layers inside, the cake on the bottom, topped with a thick layer of white cream. The cake was very rich in chocolate with hint of alcohol and cherry cuts in between, it was soooo good.

Bagel IDR 10K
The bagel was kind of chewy yet soft, very nice indeed. Sprinkled with lots and lots of sesame seeds, the bagel was one of my favorites so far.

I am so glad they are back in business. And I am gonna hitting this again sooner or later because I am not done with everything, there are still the breakfast menu, deli, and all the great looking breads! So yeah, see you again soon!!

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Kempi Deli
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