Today when I went to Gandaria City, I was so excited to find that Chippy Happy Food finally opens! Apparently the store has just opened since Sunday, May 11th, and since I had been expecting this store for a while, so yeah. Located just beside Auntie Anne’s and in front of Lotte Mart, this is surely hard to be missed especially with the eye-catching British flag painted van parked in the front side.

Chippy Happy Food is a franchise store originated from Singapore, serving fast food with convenience on the go. It claims to use no preservatives, additives, and everything is cooked in 100% pure, zero cholesterol vegetable oil. This outlet is the first one in Indonesia, and I think there will be more coming soon in the future. The system is made by order, while the order is done through the van window and there are currently only 4 types of food available (sausages coming soon!). The place isn’t big but I was glad there are seating area for people who want to enjoy the food while seated. 

Well, since there are only 4 kinds of food available, I decided to order 3 of them, and skipped the Calamari. The food were made after we ordered them, so rest assured, they were very hot and fresh when served. Because the concept is to-go store, the food were served immediately in paper bags and cups. 

BFF – Beer Batter Style Fish and Fries IDR 40K
Since this is supposed to be finger food, I wasn’t surprised to see how small the fish cuts were. The fries were big and thick, so on a first glance, it was a bit difficult to differentiate the fish and the fries. XD Those were nicely deep-fried and very fresh indeed. The fish was so soft and not smelly at all. And it is good that we can pick the sauce for free, from chili sauce to vinegar, and as you all can see, I picked vinegar and that was an excellent choice to accompany my fish and fries.

Curry Chicken IDR 36K
It was clearly the star of the day! Similar with chicken karaage, this chicken seemed to be marinated with curry sauce then deep-fried into perfection. It was very crunchy yet still maintained the softness in the inner side. I love the strong taste of curry and the fact that I ordered it with extra spicy option made it even stronger, although not spicy at all for my standard. But again, this is highly recommended, even more than the BFF.

Fried Mars Ball (S) IDR 30K
This was very unique because the balls were actually made from chocolate then fried. Served with ice cream (you can choose either chocolate or vanilla, we picked chocolate), the cup was an easy dessert for our first Chippy experience. The choco balls were crispy on the outside and the chocolate inside would melt in the mouth, lovely! Maybe next time I should stick to vanilla ice cream because adding another dosage of chocolate into my choco balls just made it a little too sweet.

In conclusion, I am so glad Chippy Happy Food has arrived here in Jakarta and since I go to Gandaria City so often, I am happy that their first outlet is located there, LOL! Although I think that the BFF is not worth the money, but hey, maybe eventually they will get better (read: bigger fish!). So I will keep my fingers crossed, and I will visit again soon!

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CHIPPY Happy Food 
Gandaria City LG Floor
Jl. KH. M. Syafii Hadzami No. 8
Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan 12240
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00