Indonesian food can’t be separated from the street stalls (or “warung”) and although there are many fancy and expensive restaurants serving good Indonesian food, but some of the best ones still can only be found in simple, humble street stalls. This time, we tried the famous Soto Hang Lekir IV located just near the Moestopo & Binus University area in Kebayoran. Living so near, I pass by this stall almost everyday on the way home, but never really wanted to try, not because of the place, but honestly I am not really into soto, but occasionally it’s alright.

Nothing fancy, but behind the banner, it’s quite “spacious” for a street stall. There are some long tables and kursi baso, and everytime I pass by, it always looks very crowded. The main feature of this stall is of course, their soto and sop; the difference is the usage of coconut milk. While sop is served transparant (hence, soup), the soto uses coconut milk in the broth, so again, it’s all about preferences.
Soto Daging Goreng Spesial + Nasi + Sumsum IDR 37K
The meat was served separately and I must say I was impressed by the quantity. I was thinking that the price for the food are not cheap for a street stall, but started to understand why. The soto was frikkin’ delicious!! Like, totally delicious. I know some popular street stalls in Jakarta which serve great soto, but this one I completely missed it! The soto was very rich in flavors and most importantly, I could feel all the spices. The meat was almost crispy outside, and surprisingly tender and soft inside. Totally love it! 

Sop Buntut Goreng Special + Nasi + Sumsum IDR 37K
After I tried the soto, I was quite skeptical about the soup so I didn’t expect much. WRONG! The sop really impressed me like, totally, because of its tastiness. The oxtail was very satisfying too. And for an oxtail soup like this, I won’t even complain if I have to pay for IDR 70K and up, seriously.

Soto Campur IDR 24K
This soto menu is quite cheap because it contains of usus, babat and kaki, also meat. And I loveee soto with organs so this is a must try. The organs were perfectly cooked and they were not smelly at all. Very soft and easy to eat.

Sop Buntut Special + Nasi + Sumsum IDR 36K
This was my order and I was super satisfied with my choice!! The soup was fantastic, added with some spoonful of sambal and sweet soy sauce, it was gone in no time! Loved the oxtail more than the fried ones, these ones have the stronger taste and softer meat, extremely good!

Kopi Susu IDR 3K
This is what I miss so much about eating in street stalls, the kopi supir (driver’s coffee). This kopi susu is just black coffee still with the coffee powder in the bottom, mixed with certain amount of condensed milk. Love!

And as we can’t finish our meal without an appropriate dessert, we ordered es campur from the neighboring stall!

Es Buah Campur IDR 10K
I didn’t even expect it would be THIS good. The bowl isn’t big but it was practically jammed by fruit slices. Avocado, banana, dragon fruits, you name it. And for that price, I won’t even complain.

Thanks to my brother-in-law who always asked me to try this stall so now I know there is one particular place that I can always go whenever I crave for soto or sop. But well, after visiting this stall, it just hit me that sometimes all I need is to go exploring more about street stalls rather than fancy restaurants. Because in the end, the most authentic food everywhere is usually found in the street stalls, don’t you think so? 🙂

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Soto Hang Lekir IV “Pardi Endhut”
Jl. Hang Lekir IV (depan Univ. Moestopo)
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan
Ph. +62 812 9930 944, +62 813 8195 4130