Since we were planning to leave Bali for good and come back to Jakarta again by the end of this year, we took the last chance to enjoy another stay in a villa with private pool because it is practically impossible to find this kind of villa in Jakarta. Okay, maybe there *are* some villas like this in Jakarta but I wouldn’t stay there for sure, the atmosphere would just be totally different.
So after we spent hours trying to find a good and clean villa, we finally set our decision on Bali Swiss Villa, which is located around Seminyak area. We booked a 2 bedroom deluxe villa from Agoda for USD 162 including tax and everything, and we think it was the best deal we could get. We had a little trouble choosing because there are lots of options, and some of the villas have really nice and beautiful features in the photo galleries. 
The day when we checked in, it was raining since early morning. We went by taxi and found difficulties finding the way, but after asking many times, we finally found the villa. The check-in process was quick and very easy, I didn’t even have to show any confirmation ticket or anything, they just asked my name and all I had to do was to fill the guest form, done. The staffs were very helpful and welcoming, so I thought it was a great start!

The way to villa

Reception Area

Main Lobby

Our villa

Main entrance through the short walk path from the door

Kitchen with utensils, the chef will come in the morning to cook your breakfast in our villa.

Dining table

Welcome drinks, refreshing orange juices.

Fruit platter (complimentary)

Main Living Room

Room 1 Bedroom

Room 1 Bath Room – with connecting door right to swimming pool

Room 2 Bedroom

Room 2 Bath Room

There were only two of us so the other room wasn’t occupied. But wouldn’t it be so cheap if you have another couple or friends sharing the same 2 bedroom villa with you? That’s why I felt it was very worth it to stay in this villa. The bedrooms were clean and complete, the air conditioners were cold and functioning well, the bathrooms were spacious and they also have the whirlpool bathtub which was one of the reasons why I picked this villa!
And of course, the ultimate reason why we have to go to Bali for villas like this.. the swimming pool!

It is big just like what everyone said in their reviews. When we got there, it was still raining like it would never stop, but who cares about raining when you also get wet jumping into the pool? It is considerably clean, only few leaves and small flowers floating but overall it was alright. The water was clear, the stairs are so comfortable, it was great!

Another shot of the swimming pool at night.
The next morning, a staff came in and cooked breakfast for us. She cooked 4 portions as the villa is meant for 4 person stay. I read reviews that the breakfast portions are a bit disappointing, but hell, it was totally wrong. The chef cooked so much for us, I think even for 4 person, it will be difficult to finish everything. The fried rice was tasteless, but with some chili sauce, it was okay. They didn’t provide maple syrup for the pancake but there were strawberry jams on a plate, so maybe it was meant to be used for that. Overall, the breakfast was filling and satisfying, although we couldn’t finish quite a lot of them!

We stayed only for a night but it was so fun! I personally enjoyed the super quiet surroundings, the swimming pool, and the bed. Definitely a great experience 🙂
Bali Swiss Villa
Jl. Dewi Saraswati III No. 88
Seminyak 80361, Bali
Ph. +62 361 7984288, +62 361 733226
Facebook: BaliSwissVilla