Fuji Soba is a renowned brand from Japan and has opened its branch in Lotte Shopping Avenue Jakarta since October 2013. The first outlet was opened in Shibuya, Tokyo in 1966 and since then, it has been expanding to many parts of Tokyo. Uniquely, the Jakarta branch is their first branch ever outside Tokyo, so I guess we Jakartans are lucky to be able to enjoy the self-proclaimed number one traditional soba from Japan!
Fuji Soba, serving freshly boiled kisoba since 1966.

Introducing their special menu: Curry Katsu Don.

Kisoba 生そば is freshly made soba, this seems to be the point of the restaurant. Usually food chains like these use instant noodles as the main ingredients, but this place emphasizes the using of kisoba. Too bad none of us ordered the soba that time, but we would definitely come back to try some!

Simple interior dominated by wood creates a simple yet comforting atmosphere.

The system is just like fast food restaurants, where you line up to order the food before you go to your table.

Stack of trays and plates in case you want to order sides like tempura, rice balls or inari sushi.

Choice of side dishes (mainly fried stuffs) that you can pick by yourselves to compliment your meal.

Self-service station for drink refills and all the condiments and sauces you need.
After ordering and making payments, we just need to wait and the waitresses will bring the food to our table. Just like other fast food type of restaurants, the food are ready very quickly and served hot. 
Curry Katsu Rice Bowl – IDR 55.000++
For a katsudon we can eat here in Jakarta, this is probably one of the most authentic ones, like the usual katsudon you’ll normally find in the shops around train stations in Japan. The chicken cutlets are quite thick and still crispy, the bits in the curry itself like the carrot and meat dices are also considered big and chunky, the curry sauce is also thick and tasty, not disappointing at all. 

Beef Rice Bowl – IDR 45.000++
 Although this one looks a bit unpromising, surprisingly it tastes great. The beef is very tasty, a bit too salty for my likings, but it is just alright with rice. Most importantly, the beef is fresh and doesn’t smell like it has been kept in freezer for a long time!
Chicken Katsu Rice Bowl – IDR 45.000++
Same with the curry katsu rice bowl minus the curry! Recommended, too! 

Kake Udon

Half bowl of Curry Rice Bowl
2 menu above is actually a set menu (Curry Set B – IDR 48.000++) which contains of a full size of udon/soba and half size of curry rice. The udon is very delicious and salty, I like the broth especially. The curry rice bowl surprisingly is served in a medium-sized bowl, and very nice! 

Inari Sushi – IDR 7.000++

Soft and fulfilling!

Nasuten (Eggplant) IDR 10.000++ & Broccoliten IDR 5.000++
Overall, the food are nice, the place is beautiful and comfortable, the staffs are very helpful. There were 2 Japanese staffs that day, both were very helpful and fast, and the manager, Mr. Ando, gave Mr. K a paper fan when he was taking photos of the restaurant. Thank you very much!
*All prices are subject to 5% service charge and 10% government tax

Atmosphere: Simple, Japanese-themed, comfortable.
Service: Friendly staffs and fast service.
Price*: $$
Parking: Available
Attire: Casual
Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 am – 10.00 pm, last order 09.30 pm
Credit Cards/Cash

Fuji Soba
Lotte Shopping Avenue 2FL-02B
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Jakarta Selatan
Tel. +62 21 2988 9250
Website: fujisoba.co.id
Facebook: Fuji Soba