That day, we went to Indonesian Embassy area, which is Pantip mall, the famous IT and electronic mall in Bangkok. We arrived there quite early so we had some quick breakfast at KFC nearby. I was happy in Thailand because even in fast food chains like KFC or McDonald’s, they always have Thai-style food available. This time, we tried the Spicy Chicken Rice, which was super delicious because they used the fried chicken cooked in Thai way, with lots of herbs and spices.
Spicy Chicken Rice – THB 59

We also tried the Banana Egg Tart, which was good. The layer was crispy and the banana and chocolate chips were just perfect together. However, I think this menu is not available anymore now.
Banana Egg Tart – THB 29
In Pantip, we had lunch in food court, which was a smart choice because they have many options. Honestly, in Thailand, it was very difficult for me to choose because everything looks so colorful and delicious.
Food Court in Pantip Mall

So many options, so little time!

Curry Noodle stand, you can even order extra bowl of noodle if one is not enough.

Colorful dessert stand, irresistible!

The food were good, not the best but good enough. Most importantly, food in Thailand are very cheap, the food above are about THB 40-50 only, and the portions were quite big. Also it was nice to be able to drink the Thai tea everywhere.

Thai Iced Milk Tea

We also tried the crepe, which I already eyed for since beginning. I chose the fruity one and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The crepe skin perfectly wrapped bunches of fresh fruit slices and the ice cream was nice, too. And don’t forget, they are very cheap, too!

With less than IDR 10.000, you get nice crepe with generous fruit slices and toppings.

From Pantip mall, we continued our shopping trip to MBK Center (Ma Boon Khrong), a large shopping mall nearby. We stopped by McDonald’s to check out the local version of food that we could find.

McDonald’s chain in MBK center, Bangkok.

Dipping Sauce available only for THB 9, how cool is that?

Chicken Namtok Rice – THB 69

Samurai Pork Burger – THB 78

Tuna Pie – THB 19

It amused me when I found out that McDonald’s in Thailand is somehow different from Indonesia ones. There is surely more variety of meat (including pork) and they also have Double Big Mac, which sounds so scary to imagine. But later, Mr. K finally gave it a try and fell sick the same night after he ate that.

We also visited the MBK’s International Food Court, Fifth Food Avenue, which is very nice and elegant place. They offer international cuisines from all over the world, including a stand named Jimbaran, Bali, which supposedly serves Indonesian food. I didn’t try any food there but got to try a dessert stand, Soufle.

Indonesian Food stand

Soufle, the dessert stand which presents yummy-looking desserts, local or international ones.

Beautiful place, amazing options, scary price.

Lemon Meringue – THB 120

The lemon meringue was very beautiful and delicious. The skin was crispy yet soft, and the filling was just perfect. I also ordered Durian Sticky Rice (THB 150 – about IDR 52.500) and Caramel Custard (THB 80). The durian sticky rice was soooooo delicious! But again, I tried all durian sticky rice, cheap or expensive, street stall or fancy restaurant, nothing can go wrong with this. So I don’t think it’s worth it to pay this much for the same stuff, which we can get for only THB 30-50 in street stalls.

For dinner, we had some authentic Thai cuisines made by mother-in-law because we had some guests coming in that night.

Green Curry

Phak Khana Phra Kem (Chinese Broccoli with Salted Fish)

Phla Kung (Spicy Prawn Salad)

Mu Thot Kra Tiam Prik Thai (Stir-fried Pork with Garlic and Pepper)

Contrary to what usual people like, I don’t really dig curries. Instead, I prefer stir-fried or salad, if talking about Thai cuisine. My favorite that night was the prawn salad, it was refreshing and light, made me want more and more. I also love the salted fish and the Chinese broccoli (kai-lan), so original. Thank you to my MIL to serve all the nicest food at home!