One of my most favorite food in Thailand is som tum, or popularly known as green papaya salad. I always love it, but haven’t really found a great one (yet) in Thai restaurants in Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali). So during my visit to Thailand, fortunately I had many chances to eat this salad as it’s basically everywhere in the country.
For breakfast this day, we had two types of som tum, one was the fermented fish paste (“para” in Thai), another one was pickled crab (“pu dong” in Thai). Personally, I like the original one much, much better than these versions. The fermented fish paste was very smelly, much worse than Indonesian fermented/salted fish or “ikan asin”, and I was totally annoyed by the smell, let alone the taste of it. The pickled crab was scary, especially because before we started eating that, Mr. K told me that sometimes there are many parasites attached to the crabs’ joints, so it is better not to eat those crabs, but only enjoying the stocks.
Para Som Tum – Green Papaya Salad with Thai fermented fish

Pu Dong Som Tum – Green Papaya Salad with Pickled Crab
Kaeng Khiao Wan Luk Chin Pla – Thai Green Curry with Fish Balls
Kai Yang – Marinated Grilled Chicken

Mon Thong again!
Honestly, I was quite impressed everyday when I was in Chanthaburi, because our host, Ms. PT, really served a lot of food for breakfast. I found out that she just went to the traditional market in the morning to buy those stuffs and later cooked rice at home. It is very simple and convenient, as the ready-to-eat food are quite cheap in the market, anyway (probably around THB 10-40 each). 
That day too, Mr. K and Mr. P went with her to the local traditional market to buy some food for our dinner.

Being adventurous and all, Mr. P decided to grab some horrors for snacks, the fried insects! They looked so disgusting, ewwww!! He bought the grasshoppers, crickets, silkworms and bee larvae, if I am not mistaken. I just tried silkworms and the larvae, they didn’t taste bad, but still, the shape just made me so afraid to put those into my mouth. XD

Fried Insects as snacks, anyone?
Fried Stingrays
 It was my first time eating stingrays and actually they’re very good. The meat tasted like fish meat, but a bit harder and chewy. They have big bones so it was quite easy to take them out. 
Chanthaburi’s grapes, yum!

Completed with red wine.

Pumpkin Coconut Custard
Durian Sticky Rice – a total winner.