If you have ever visited Bali with scheduled tour and stuff, most likely you have ever been in Kintamani. Kintamani is located in north-eastern Bali, and even until today, it is still a popular tourist destination because of its breath-taking view. I myself don’t really find the place that amusing, but whenever I have guests coming, I would definitely bring them there and stop by one of the restaurants around, which usually serves all-you-can-eat buffet lunch.
This time I will write about one of the restaurants that is most probably the best one so far in my opinion. If you go to Kintamani, you’ll notice a line of restaurants practically along the road, so if you go by tour, usually your tour agency will bring to the one that has connection with them. Sari Restaurant can be found almost at the end of the restaurant line, but I heard that people actually like their food better than any other restaurants around there. For your information, these restaurants are built mainly for viewing purpose only, where they have outdoor seating area like balcony so you can enjoy lunch while viewing the beautiful Mount and Lake Batur. 
We picked the buffet lunch for IDR 70.000+++/person, which is a good deal (minus the ridiculous 21% tax!), and we can choose anything from Balinese fried rice to tuna satay. They also provide some soup selections, fruits, desserts and all these include drinks like coffee and tea. But I usually order some other drinks like big bottle of mineral water which I can share with my fellow guests.

The service is usually very good, too. They have many waiters and waitresses who will serve you from beginning till the end. And whenever you finish with one plate, they will come and take them away, and what’s interesting is they always offer you to take some more food, contrary to what I usually experience in buffet restaurant anywhere else. It seems like if the guests take more and more food, they’ll be happy because it means that the food are good enough to please guests.
So far, I am really happy with this restaurant, greatest view, best food for AYCE standard, and helpful services.
*All prices are subject to 11% service charge and 10% government tax
Sari Restaurant
Jl. Raya Penelokan
Kintamani, Bangli
Tel. 081916599565