One of the things in Indonesia that I like is the street stalls, or more popularly known as warung. I went to this particular warung because I bought the voucher and I am glad I did.
Warung Bejo is in Tebet area, quite tricky to find and don’t expect easy parking if you happen to bring your car. Actually the place doesn’t look like typical warung to me, but more like a house that is used as a public eating place. The main dining area inside is just like your typical house dining room combined with living room, with strong Javanese decorations, family portraits, and antiques. Looks like the owner doesn’t even bother to decorate the room, as I got the feeling that all those things have already been there way long before the place was opened for public.
Am I eating out? Homey, homey, homey.
Apparently, their main specialties are ducks and baked rice (nasi bakar), but I was surprised that they have many other menus such as pancakes, etc. They have a set menu, which we picked, the baked rice is presented still in the leaves, and it was good. The portion was enough, but they could have added more raw veggies as the lalapan. Come on, one piece of lettuce, 2 thin slices of small cucumbers, one slice of tomato, hello? Last time I checked, lalapan is nothing like this.
Paket Bejo 6 (chicken) – IDR 22.500+++
Paket Bejo 5 (duck) – IDR 30.000+++
Plecing Kangkung – IDR 10.000+++
I love Plecing Kangkung, and this one is not an exception. The plecing was so good and spicy. And it’s very cheap, too.
Sayur Asem – IDR 5.000+++
It came in a very small bowl, the soup was alright, not too sour but okay. Surprisingly there are so many ingredients too, unlike sayur asem in some other Indonesian restaurants I usually go.
Roti Bakar Bejo – IDR 6.500+++
Who doesn’t like roti bakar? It’s always good to have this with a cup of tea or coffee. And because I was curious, I ordered it. As expected, it’s just like the roti bakar from street stalls, complete with the condensed milk and grated cheese. Love this!
Panekuk Bejo – IDR 15.000+++
For a pancake in warung, I can say that it was surprisingly good. How generous they are with the maple syrup! I like the freshness of the pancakes, as well as the separated butter so I could see how it melted, LOL
*All prices are subject to 5% service charge and 10% government tax
Warung Bejo
Jl. Tebet Barat Dalam Raya No. 128
Jakarta Selatan