For people who live in Indonesia, the name Mayang Sari probably sounds so familiar. Last year, she opened restaurant chain called Mayang Suki & Pancake, which serves collaboration of Thai-suki and Italian cuisines. This time I had the chance to try the main branch in Senopati area. The location is pretty good, easily spotted even during night time because of the big banner they had that time.

 The building is just like a house. It is divided into 2 areas, the first floor is no smoking area, while the second floor is smoking area. When I entered the room, a comfortable atmosphere welcomed me like I just went back home. The homey curtains, cozy-looking sofas and all the attributes really made me felt at home. Great first impression, I must say.

Because there were 6 of us that time, the waitress offered us to use the private dining room, lucky! The room isn’t that big, but enough for 10-12 person, I don’t really remember. 

As we had vouchers for 2 pastas and 2 pancakes, we ordered Greeny Spaghetti & Salami Spaghetti. The presentations were nice, but not so much for the taste. There were nothing special, the pasta was slightly overcooked, and I tasted overlapping seasonings. And I don’t know about the portion, whether it was because we used vouchers or their original portions are that small.

 Greeny Spaghetti

Salami Spaghetti

After browsing through the menu, we decided to try the suki as well. Like typical restaurants serving suki food, we pick the ingredients which are categorized by the color of plates. There are 6 color categories, ranging from IDR 12.800 – 33.800++/plate, with vegetables set being the cheapest. There are two kinds of soups, the chicken broth soup and tom yum soup. We tried both, and personally I liked them equally. Some restaurants have really weird tom yum soup, but theirs were pretty delicious.

For the dessert, we still had the pancakes that we ordered earlier, Strawberry Pancake & the other one was Choco Pancake. The pancakes came in kids’ portions named Kiddy Coins. By that time, we realized that portions of voucher users’ orders were automatically reduced =(

Despite of the disappointment about the portion I had that night, I will still come back just for the sake of the atmosphere and service.

Mayang Suki & Pancake
Jl. Suryo No. 42
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan