Another day we tried this restaurant in Taman Anggrek Mall, which looked quite interesting. That was weekday so the restaurant wasn’t crowded at all, there was nobody else beside us.

It looks beautiful from the outside with all the typical wood-dominated colors and Japanese-style decorations (aside from the red Chinese lanterns). The place isn’t too big yet they put too many tables to fit in. Something that I hate so much.

As seen from the picture, the space between one and another table is too little, I can’t imagine during busy hours, we won’t have privacy at all. That’s what I hate about this kind of seating plan.

So after we picked the table in the innermost of the room, we started ordering the recommended menu, the Beef Hamburg Demiglaze with Omurice, simply because it looks really tantalizing in the picture, and Mr. P wanted to try that. He said it was so good that he forgot to let me try (!!). And I myself ordered Chicken Katsu Bento (I know, such a simple meal compared to the other one), which I really enjoyed.

 Beef Hamburg Demiglaze with Omurice – IDR 49.000+++

 Looks juicy and tantalizing, right?

Chicken Katsu Bento – IDR 49.000+++

I then ordered a dessert, a hanito (honey toast) that looks really yummy in the menu book. It’s called Earth Quake, and honestly it was so good! The bread slices are so big as it can be seen from the picture below, it was well-toasted, perfect crispiness and still soft when eaten. My only complain is the ice cream, its texture looks like cheap ice cream although it tastes okay. They also put generous toppings -fruit slices, maple syrup, etc-, I totally love it! If I go to that mall again, I might just come back there for the sake of this heavenly dessert XD
 Earth Quake – IDR 45.000+++

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge and 10% government tax

Cafe de Waraku
Center Stage Mall Taman Anggrek
UG Floor #U-15
Jl. Let. Jend S. Parman Kav. 21
Tel 021-5639525