After my previous bebek goreng (fried duck) experience with Bebek Kaleyo last time, I decided to try yet another infamous fried duck restaurant around South Jakarta area. It was a cloudy Sunday noon, a good timing to have some spicy and hot fried duck accompanied with a plate of hot steamed white rice. Yum. So we set off and since it is close to my house, it didn’t take long to reach that place.

It was during lunch time when we arrived, the place was almost full with guests, mostly families. The interior concept looks very simple, just like an average dining room in a usual house. There is an air-conditioner but I don’t think they turned it on, so we could just rely on those ceiling fans. Not that it mattered, though.

Fried duck itself seems to be originated from East Java, Surabaya to be exact. When I visited Surabaya, it was my first experience trying fried duck and it was really, really delicious. As Pondok Suryo claims itself as a fried duck restaurant from Surabaya, I couldn’t help expecting a lot from it.

A big board shows the way, definitely won’t be missed 🙂

Homey interior design makes you feel at home.
Menu is so simple it won’t take long to decide. 
Nasi Cobek Komplit Bebek Dada – IDR 44.000+++
The complete package is a great deal, really. It comes with a very pulen steamed rice served together with the spicy sambal on a cobek (Indonesian traditional mortar). Beware though, the sambal is really hot. We also got the various side dishes like fried tofu, tempe (Indonesian fermented soybeans), and fried dried fishes. Other than that, a bowl of sayur asem (Indonesian tamarind dish) also complimented the whole package. Beside duck, there are also other options such as chicken, catfish, goldfish, bird, even eel.

Tahu Telor/Tek – IDR 25.000+++
As someone who had stayed in Surabaya for about 8 years, Mrs. B has always been trying to find a decent tahu telor/tek in Jakarta. According to her, until now she hasn’t really found a good one that can be compared to what she usually had in Surabaya. This one was actually pretty nice, but I think the peanut sauce was dominated by the sweet soy sauce that it destroyed the essence of the peanut. However, it is still worth a try.
Bebek Bakar – IDR 25.000+++/pc

Steamed White Rice – IDR 10.000+++
Without the package, it was served like this, with some kind of yellowish spice paste on the top. It was a bit spicy but very tasty.

Soto Ayam – IDR 22.000+++
Ordered this out of curiosity, not something special and I’ll skip next time.

Es Kelapa Jeruk – IDR 14.000+++
Sweet way to finish the meal!
Food: 6/10
Price: Average
Service: Fair
Ambience: Casual  
Pondok Suryo
Bebek Goreng Surabaya

Jl. Suryo No. 16 Senopati
Ph. +62(21) 739 3358