Everytime I go to Pluit or Muara Karang area, I won’t miss a chance to try the local dishes, mainly Chinese food all along the street. There are so many things to choose, but this time we aimed for some bihun bebek, a Chinese delicacy originated in Medan, North Sumatera.
Like many other stalls in Muara Karang, this place is no exception. A simple depot, yet it always seems to be people-jammed. I thought it would be wiser just to have some take-away rather than eating inside.
Bihun Bebek – IDR 27.000
It looked and smelled so good, thanks to the generous spring onion and fried garlic sprinkles. It also came with a soup, which tasted a bit bitter, most probably because it also contains some Chinese herb medicines. The bihun is different from usual fragile rice noodles, in fact, this one has bigger diameter and more chewy. The duck meat is so nice, very soft and tasty. 

The other day, when we were in La Codefin Kemang, Mrs. N bought a noodle from Bakmilicious. The name itself is catchy, don’t you think? Despite its name, they also serve many other food like fried rice, char kway teow, and many more. Apparently, this restaurant is owned by one of Indonesian famous actor/celebrity, Baim Wong.
As suggested by the cashier, for IDR 19.500++, we got 1 bowl of noodle, which was yamin, the kind of noodle famous from Bandung area. Interestingly, they can make separate it into two types, the salty and sweet one.

 Yamin – Salty

Yamin – Sweet

Bakmilicious ready to serve you.
Bihun Bebek Medan Suki
Jl. Muara Karang Raya Blok CC5 Selatan No. 36A
Ph. 021-6600649 
La Codefin Ground Floor
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 8