As a massive fan of Western food, I always wanted to try White Hunter restaurant in Gandaria City. And I happened to go to this mall so often that I finally decided that I had to go there before the end of 2011. I have read and heard a lot of good reviews about it, so my expectation was kinda high.
It was crowded that night since it was around christmas time. When we arrived though, we almost didn’t get any table because it was just, crowded. Mrs. B called them like a week before to make reservation but they said they couldn’t accept reservation for that day. But when we were there, the waitress on duty asked us whether we already made reservation or not. I don’t want to complain, but this shows how bad the management is. Luckily, a moment later, we were called and informed that they had one available table in the corner, long square tables with bench-like seats. 
The restaurant is dominated with warm colors like brown, yellow, orange. There are some different types of seatings, like the round table with rattan chairs, square tables with benches like our table, and so on. It looks cozy from outside, and very nice place to enjoy some time with loved ones.
White Hunter – a shot from outside

The innovative service bell
Okay, call me cheesy or whatever, but this surely was interesting. We just found out about this thing later, but it was still cool. However, because the place was truly crowded that time (like, literally), this didn’t do its job at all. I saw they were seriously running of waiters/waitresses, and if I were the manager or someone responsible there, I would have taken all this button thingy from all the tables, as not to disappoint the guests who want to use it. We tried pushing the service and drink buttons a couple of times, but noone came to assist us. So I just didn’t see any function of this thing that time.

Onion Ring – IDR 30.000
Due to my curiosity, I ordered this onion ring, but I wasn’t really impressed. It came in a quite small plate, a bit weird for a “usual” onion rings. They used the different type of batter, so it was not really crunchy or crispy like usual onion rings that I know. Probably used more eggs in the batter.
Caesar Salad – IDR 39.000
Fresh, finely-chopped veggies, served with generous dressings. Refreshing!
Cheese Burger – IDR 55.000
Fajitas d’ Mezcla – IDR 148.000
I like fajitas. Surprisingly, the fajitas was so delicious. The meat was finely cooked, well-seasoned, tasty until the very inside, the melting cheese was the cherry on the top. The wrap was nice, not smelly like some other restaurants. Guacamole wasn’t really tempting, though, didn’t look too fresh to me. But still, worth a try!

Baby Back Ribs Jumbo – IDR 299.000
Initially we wanted to order White Hunter Ribs, but the waitress said that this one would be nicer because it has more meat. The ribs were yummy, not so much meat compared to Tony Roma’s baby back ribs (ha!), but I must say that it was finely grilled. The meat was so soft and smooth, sauce was perfect, and to share this was a hard thing to do. XD
Tenderloin Steak – IDR 175.000
This was my order that night, the tenderloin was good but not great. The meat was tender, but a bit chewy, although I expected something softer than that, for a tenderloin steak. I chose wine sauce and potato wedges for the side dish. Sauce was great, very delicious, sweet and rich. Side dishes were complimenting the steak, perfectly-boiled carrots and broccoli, accompanied by the yummy potato wedges, what else could I ask for?

Rib Eye Steak – IDR 99.000

Green Mojito – IDR 45.000
It was great to finally be able to try eating there. I love the atmosphere and ambience of this restaurant. Despite of my bad comment about the service bell thing, I have to mention that the waiters and waitresses were very helpful and friendly whenever we called them. Sometimes it was long, from the moment we called them to assist until they really came to our table, but I guess it was just because they were lacking of human resources.
Anyway, it was a wonderful dining experience, and I hope to go back again soon!