Jakarta. When I hear this word, my mind automatically thinks about malls that are constantly growing here. Honestly, I used to like malls, but not anymore. One of the malls that I like now is Grand Indonesia, because it’s very unique. Basically I can find anything there. And the food places, I adore them. 
That day, I went there with W & friends, like usual. We wanted to have lunch and walk around afterwards. Finally we decided to try Sushi Groove, a modern Westernized sushi chain which captured my eyes since long time ago, but never really had any chance to try it. One thing that I knew about it was the infamous sushi burger, so I just thought I had to order it somehow.
It was a late noon of a usual day, which explains the quietness of the place. Although I don’t really get the whole leaves thing, but I felt the warmth of the interior. Nothing really special with the table and seatings, but at least it was comfortable enough.
Interior – Neat and Simple

The sumo wrestler on the menu book 🙂
House Salad – IDR 14.000
Very refreshing, although you may want to order other variety of salad because this one is only a bunch of vegetables with no meat at all.

Agedashi  Tofu – IDR 19.000
Considered cheap, but tasted good. The tofu were nicely-fried and the sauce was excellent.
Devil Tuna Roll – IDR 48.000
Yum! The tuna was smooth and easy for throat. The tobiko and togarashi are just the icings on the cake! Love it!

Krakatau Roll – IDR 48.000
Gindara and asparagus with mayo sauce, this was actually really delicious, very unique.

Okinawa Roll – IDR 48.000
Baked salmon, crabstick, and tempura in a roll complimented by fabulous mixed sauces. Crispy outside, various spices inside, lovely. 

Salmon Flame Roll – IDR 48.000
Nice! Crunchy roll topped with a fresh salmon slice, then torched slightly. Smelled and tasted perfect. So addicted to it, already want it so bad just by writing this now XD

Wazza Wazza Sushi Burger – IDR 42.000
Personally, I think that “burger” should be done with bread, not rice. Call me conservative, but this just couldn’t amaze me at all. Taste was weird, the beef patty was thick and nice, but a bit dry. The cheese slice surely complimented the burger’s taste but still a no-no when eaten together with the rice. I had to eat it layer by layer, because I just couldn’t understand the taste of the whole thing.

Green Tea Ice Cream – IDR 14.000
Mamma mia, sweet heaven! This is probably one of the best green tea ice creams that I’ve ever tried. Green tea flavor was so rich, beautiful color, tasted really, really nice without being too sweet or too bitter. Just perfect to finish my lovely dining experience in Sushi Groove ^__^
Like them all, nothing disappointed me in my first visit, definitely will come back again to try other menus 🙂
Waiters/waitresses are very helpful and friendly. Fast service, seemed very well-trained.
Love it 🙂
Sushi Groove
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 1 
Jakarta 10310 
6221-2358 0697