Some weeks ago, I was really craving for Dutch cuisines at H.E.M.A. restaurant. The one that I usually went is the one in Ahmad Dahlan street, but since they were under renovation that time, I just could visit it later some days ago. As usual, I went with W and friends, so it was a fun night. 
First of all, as I mentioned earlier, H.E.M.A. is a restaurant which serves Dutch cuisines with Holland atmosphere. Personally, I always feel comfortable when I go there, because the restaurant is designed like home. The room is not big, but quite spacey, with wood furnitures and rattan chairs. What’s cute about the chairs is they actually just have one arm, not two. In one corner of the room, there’s the fireplace complete with various wall ornaments just above it. And when we enter the restaurant, there is display case of Holland ceramics and many other things. Very unique.
The menu book and the slogan

Nice interior design makes us feel at home

Cream Soup – IDR 18.000
The cream soup was nice, nothing special, but just nice. It comes with a slice of garlic bread, which tastes fine when dipped into the soup. I like how the soup is not just “water”, but more into creamy, but doesn’t have weird smell or taste.

Zuppa Soup – IDR 28.000
I guess we are very familiar with this already since it has been really popular in Indonesia, I saw a lot of this being served in parties. Their zuppa soup is really, really nice. The soup is just typical cream soup, but the pastry? It is really good! It’s crispy, crunchy, yet so soft when eaten. Very recommended!
Aardaple Salad – IDR 22.000
Very refreshing for a starter. Just potatoes, cucumbers, eggs, and sliced beef with a very light dressings. Really easy for the stomach 🙂

Risolles – IDR 12.000
Nice, but nothing special.

Biter Balen – IDR 15.000

Sirloin Steak – IDR 47.000
This is one of the recommended food in their menu so I decided to try it. Oh boy, it was so delicious! The meat was very tender and juicy, the sauce was perfect. Love it.

Fettuccini Carbonara – IDR 27.000
Although I love this, but I have to say that time they made it a bit bland and tasteless. The fettuccini was too soft, and the creamy sauce wasn’t as thick as usual. Nevertheless it was still okay.
Fish & Chips – IDR 34.000
It was nice but it can’t be compared to real fish & chips. Why? Because I felt like I ate fish steak, rather than “that” fish & chips. It wasn’t that soft, but still good.

Hema Rice with Sausages – IDR 25.000
The rice was cooked with butter, so it was tasty. 

Hollanda Burger – IDR 22.000
Just nice.

Nasi Goreng Hema – IDR 26.000
Uniquely presented inside the rolled fried egg, it wasn’t disappointing at all.
Duch Cola – IDR 16.000
Many varieties, size is considered small for Western-themed restaurant, good tastes.
Very affordable.
Totally love it. Want to experience Holland home atmosphere? Go there 🙂
Jl. Ahmad Dahlan No. 18
Jakarta Selatan
Tel. 021 739 3891