Ayam Presto Ny. Nita is one of my favorite restaurants which serves Indonesian food. “Ayam presto” refers to chicken which are cooked until their bones become so soft that those are actually edible. Beside chicken, they also serve ducks. They’re deep-fried until become so crispy and very easy to eat. Other than fried chicken and ducks, they also offer gado-gado, soto ayam, etc.
Ayam Presto (1/2) – Rp. 28.000,-
Grilled Sea Bass (Rp. 35.000,-)

Karedok (Rp. 12.000,-)

Plecing Kangkung (Rp. 12.000,-)
Sayur Asam (Rp. 7.000,-)
Sambal Mangga (Rp. 4.500,-)
Lalapan, supposedly coming out if you order chicken/duck 🙂
Rice (Rp. 4.500,-/portion)
Cucumber Juice (Rp. 10.000,-)
Well, let me write about the food one by one.
  • Actually I wanted to order duck too that time, but the waiter said it wasn’t available that time. The chicken is nice, although I have to say that I think the portions are getting smaller. 
  • The grilled sea bass was really delicious, though. The inside was so tender it almost melted in the mouth. Oh, and the bones were edible, too. 
  • As for karedok, I don’t know, but I think I won’t order it again when I have another chance to visit this restaurant in the future. 
  • In the other hand, the plecing kangkung was really nice. It was very spicy, though, but what’s the point of eating plecing if it’s not spicy? 🙂
  • I didn’t try the sayur asam, but my brother said it was okay. 
  • We liked the sambal mangga, but in my opinion it wasn’t spicy at all. But still, it was nice!
  • Err, I don’t know why I included the white rice photo, lol. But the moment I saw that rice being brought to our table, I knew I just had to take picture of it. 
My overall rating should be:
Consistently very nice, but portions are too small it’s getting ridiculous.
Reasonable, considered cheap, but again, maybe just right for the portions.
When we entered the restaurant, a waiter gave us really warm welcome and took our orders politely, he really gave me a good impression. Some waitresses just stood there doing nothing but daydreaming, I had to call a couple of waitresses more than once to get their attentions, which I found annoying because they were standing like less than 2 meters from my table. When we almost finished eating, the earlier waiter came and handed the bill. Geez, we hadn’t even finished yet, and noone asked for the bill yet. My initial impression to him changed drastically because of that. 😛 Well, anyway I will just say the service was average.
Place is very clean and good for family restaurant.
Ayam Presto Ny. Nita
Jl. Ir. Juanda Raya No. 31A
Jakarta Pusat
Tel. 3501682