For Indonesian people, Hanamasa probably is one of restaurants which introduced the concept of “All You Can Eat” for the first time. Besides that, it’s also probably the first restaurant which popularize the food “yakiniku” or “shabu shabu” here. This restaurant has been here for so long, now having so many branches in some major cities in Indonesia, it continues to be one of the most popular Japanese restaurants.
Firstly, they’re popular of their yakiniku, and then shabu shabu, and in the recent years, it also claims to have Thai-suki, which is actually the so-called “shabu shabu” mixed with the Thai-style chili sauce dip made with coriander leaves. For just Rp. 89.500,- ++/person, you can have both yakiniku and shabu shabu on your table, because they always provide the yakiniku griller in the middle of the table and the shabu shabu pot just on the corner of the table. In some branches, though, you’ll have to pay more (but less than Rp. 100.000,- ++/person), and you can also have some robatayaki and free drinks, like soft drinks, lemon tea, coffee, juices, etc. This branch that I went don’t provide drink booth so we have to order drinks separately, which is kinda sucks if you ask me, because only God knows how much you’ll need drinks when you eat in Hanamasa! :p
If you ask me, why I like Hanamasa, is maybe because of their AYCE concept. Clearly you can take as much food as you can, and they have so many varieties, ranging from appetizers (salads, Korean veggies, etc), all the meats, chicken, sausages, fishes, and so on, snacks (like fried chicken, tempura, and even curry!!), and also desserts (Indonesian assorted ice shavings -famously called “es campur“, pudding, boiled cassava with coconut milk, etc), and don’t forget the fresh fruits to help you digesting the food.
Beautiful fountain just near the entrance door.
Everything here is dominated by wood.
Buffet table area
Fried chicken, Tempura, and Curry
Any kind of appetizers or just cold starters
Meats, chicken, eggrolls, sausages, seafood
Any kind of meatballs, veggies, toufu, meat and seafood
Assorted fruits, and notice the rojak chili sauce also!
Ingredients to make the assorted ice shavings (es campur)

Puddings, Cassava with coconut milk (my favorite!), and other desserts
It all starts here!
The so-called Thai suki sauce (very, very nice) and the fried garlic.
It’s always nice to start with some ebi tempura.

My comment about the food, Hanamasa’s food are always nice. You’ll love to eat more and more until you feel like you want to explode. But beware of the post eating syndrome, where you’ll feel extremely thirsty for some hours after the dining session. I don’t know what they put inside the marinate sauces or whatever, but one thing for sure is there’s definitely a lot of MSG used in the making process. Nevertheless, if you just come to this restaurant once in a while, I think it’s still a recommended place to go with family or just with your loved one!
Jl. Mahakam I No. 166
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Tel. 62 21 720 2366