This was my xxx-th time visiting this restaurant, because I simply love it! What I love about it is that this place has a very original concept, the place is beautiful, food is great, and service is wonderful. They also somehow always have some promotions for some credit card users, which is really good, because it’ll definitely attract customers. They serve food in a huge portions, which make the prices so reasonable. 
The big banner in front of the restaurant is difficult to miss!

Bar area, which is really beautiful.
Ice Lemon Tea (Rp. 20.000,-)
Nachos Supreme with Extra Beef (Rp. 108.000,-)

Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad (Rp. 80.000,-)

Maple Pork Chop (Rp. 95.000,-)

Roast Chicken and Penne Pasta (Rp. 75.000,-)

Southern Burger (Rp. 90.000,-)

Left: Gilbeys Orange & Gin (Rp. 45.000,-)
Right: Gilbeys Gin Tonic (Rp. 45.000,-)

Complimentary New Year’s masks and trumpets!
Overall Rating: 9.5/10
Dallas Roadhouse
Plaza Senayan Arcadia Level 1
Unit X-111-112
Tel. 6221 57901433