So today we tried this Lebanese restaurant that we incidentally found last time when we were in Sabang area. The restaurant itself is located on the second floor of a travel agency building, not an eye catcher if you ask me. Two sets of stairs will bring you to a private dining room with Middle Eastern touch, which I find amusing because it’s a bit unexpected to see that kind of interior judging from the outer look.
During lunch
Our table
Collection of shisha

Naan (Rp. 4.000,- / pc)
It was okay but we think it’s an instant product, not home made

Sambusacs with cheese
Nice to look at, but not too yummy

Lebanese lentil (chickpeas) soup
Not something that I can take, very weird.

Basmati Rice Biryani
Very nice, the rice itself has a strong flavor without being too oily, 
and the meat and sauce also mix very well together.

Mushakal Mashawi (Rp. 60.000,-)
Very nice, they also serve the garlic sauce inside the plate
which I think really strengthen the taste of the meat.

       Service-wise, I think the waiters can have some rooms for improvement. They’re very nice, friendly, and helpful, but they don’t really know how to recommend anything. I mean, not everyone who come to this restaurants know what they’re going to order (including us). Some of us may just be curious and want to try Middle Eastern food, therefore we need some guidances. 🙂
       Beside these exotic food, they also serve Lebanese drinks. We tried Irani, some kind of yoghurt drink, which is kinda weird for my tongue. Also something not to miss here is shisha. But too bad we didn’t get to try it, maybe next time.
Overall rating: 7.5/10
Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 57
Jakarta Pusat
Tel. (62-21) 3193 8147