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The last 2 months had been great for us because we got to stay at some great hotels in Bali, Bandung, and Garut, and this time we are going to share about our 3D2N stay experience at Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers.

You might have read about our Ramadan Iftar Buffet Dinner “Ramadan di Kampung” at FEAST Restaurant in Sheraton Bandung, and you guess it right, we stayed in the hotel for 2 nights after the event. We don’t really like going to Bandung during the weekends, but luckily the dinner event was held during a weekday so it was an immediate yes for us. We left Jakarta at 8.30AM and we only arrived in Bandung around 1PM, after going through major traffic jam in the highway.

Technically, it was just 2 days after our long 11D10N Bali trip and we had to pack our bags again to come here, and you would think that we had so much vacations that we didn’t need it anymore; but in reality, we were quite drained with all the activities we had in the past weeks. Coming to Sheraton Bandung, we expected a great relaxing time after we made a quick research about the hotel. Furthermore, Bandung is such a good city with better weather than Jakarta so we really looked forward to stay there.

Sheraton Bandung itself is located in the heart of Bandung, precisely in Ir. H. Juanda street, where we can find many big buildings including hotels, business offices and many others. Its location is also considered very strategic because it’s close to many popular attractions in Bandung such as Dusun Bambu Leisure Park, Floating Market Lembang, and many more.

DSC_3259-5 DSC_3264-6

The lobby area is spacious and with high ceiling, it looks nothing but luxurious. I was surprised to see how beautiful the lobby is, and couldn’t wait to see our room. The check-in process was smooth as silk, and the staffs were very friendly and attentive. They even went out from behind of the booth to actually hand us the room card, how cool is that? 😉


Adjacent to the lobby area, is the lobby lounge called Samsara Lounge. Here they have really unique, colorful interior design that makes this area looks so chic yet elegant. I especially love the blue and white balloon alike glasses decoration hanging from the ceiling, it is actually the first thing I noticed from this area. We can sit and relax here, enjoying coffee or snack, even cocktails which are freshly made in the bar in the corner.

DSC_3238-1 DSC_3239-2

 So, we stayed at Towers Room in Sheraton Bandung, and although the way to the room was a little bit confusing because everything looks the same here, we were kindly escorted by our porter to our room. Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers has 156 guests rooms & suites, also 12 meeting rooms, so let me tell you that it’s just normal to get “lost” in the hotel, like we did eventually. XD

The Towers Room occupies 42 sqm area, thanks to the sleek arrangement and decoration, I felt the room is much more spacious than the number. The Towers Room and above also enjoy complimentary access to the Towers Lounge (more on that later), which I love from staying at higher level rooms in hotels!


My first impression upon entering the room was very positive. The room looks big and spacious with lots of empty spaces (in a good way), warm and comforting colors like beige, gold, and pink attracted my eyes immediately and gave a sense of homey atmosphere. Not to mention the gigantic round mat along with the sofa in front of the bed. There is also a small office desk by the side of the room, TV and the cabinet, a spacious corridor with big mirror on one side, and the wardrobe on another. Everything looks perfect altogether!

DSC_3025-3 DSC_3024-2 DSC_3051-12 DSC_3048-10 DSC_3043-7 DSC_3046

If I think the bedroom is already awesome, I was even thrilled to see the bathroom. It is quite spacious too, with standing shower (rain and hand shower, yay!), bathtub, and bright vanity area. I especially loved the super comfortable bathtub, the size is pretty big and it could take longer to refill the water in, but who cares as long as it is comfortable like this, right! You know, bathtubs in hotels are not always the best, sometimes they have the mediocre ones, sometimes the bathtub is too “modern” and not practical at all (different to get in/out), but this one is 100% perfect in a sense of simplicity and comfort. To make things better, they also provided bath salts and bath mitt near the tub, thumbs up for the relaxation purpose!

DSC_3042-6 DSC_3060-15 DSC_3058-13 DSC_3035-4 DSC_3067-20


Because we stayed at Towers Room, we got the privilege to enjoy some time (and delicacies) at the Towers Lounge located on the third floor. The lounge has actually just been renovated recently, and with touches of gold color, nothing describes this better than elegance. There are indoor as well as outdoor seating, both are equally nice but when the weather is good, I think sitting outside is much better because the air is good and we can enjoy the panoramic views of Dago Valley.

The Towers Lounge is open from 6AM to 10PM, offering continental breakfast buffet, evening cocktail, and all-day refreshments for guests who stay at Towers Room & Suites.

DSC_3276-8 DSC_3272-7 DSC_3281-10 DSC_3280-9 DSC_3288-12

One of the most beautiful area in Sheraton Bandung is undoubtedly, the Lagoon Pool, which is located in the middle of the hotel. On the way from the lobby to our room, we already spotted this beautiful blue pool and it even is more beautiful when we got closer. The pool has a turquoise blue water, surrounded by pink cushion sunbathing chairs and red shades. The blue sky and green palm trees really make this area completely colorful and is easily a perfect spot for holiday or even just for taking photos.

DSC_3247-3 DSC_3213-25 DSC_3209-24 DSC_3196-21 DSC_3197-22 DSC_3207-23

Honestly, the room was too comfortable for us and we ended up staying at the hotels most all the time. Our problem was just the bed, it’s not bad but because it is too soft, we felt like we were sunken every time we laid down and it was quite difficult to move around. Not that I am complaining though, actually it felt like we were sleeping on clouds or something, and personally, I always prefer harder, more stable mattress somehow.

During our stay, we also tried the In Room Dining service, and the food came in very quickly, impressive! We tried some dishes and I must say that we were satisfied with the dishes, especially the serving portion. My favorite was the Nasi Tutug Oncom because the rice was fragrant and tasty as hell, although the Sayur Asam could be improved because it was quite bland for my liking. Mr. K’s pick would be the steak as he liked the red wine sauce, while the steak itself was slightly overcooked resulting in a hard and dry meat.

Nasi Tutug Oncom IDR 94,000

Rice mixed with fried oncom, served with chicken, fish, Sundanese vegetable, tofu, fermented soybean patty.

DSC_3322 DSC_3324-17

Mexican Pizza IDR 88,000

Carne asada, guacamole, pico de gallo, and cumin sour cream.


Grass Fed Rib Eye Steak IDR 248,000

Multi-color root vegetable roasted in garlic oil and red wine sauce, served with roasted potato.


Classical Italian Tiramisu IDR 72,000

Italian cream cheese served with ladyfinger.


Beside all the rooms, suites, meeting rooms, and everything, Sheraton Bandung also has 3 dining areas: FEAST Restaurant (main dining area located just in front of the swimming pool), Samsara Lounge (lobby lounge), and Toastina Bakery, which is located separately from the hotel building, means you’ll need to go out from the lobby area to reach this place. For the health and fitness seekers, there are also fitness center and spa available in the hotel.


Last but not least, we had a very pleasant stay at Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers, even better than our expectation. The greatest thing we experienced here is the super warm hospitality that left an unforgettable memories in our minds and hearts. We would like to send our gratitude to all the staffs who made our stay very memorable, especially to the Public Relation staffs, General Manager, Executive Chef, and also the porters and valet team who kindly helped us taking our item left in the safety box in the room after we checked out. To keep it short, we really recommend Sheraton Bandung for your options to stay when you go to Bandung, and trust me you won’t regret it. Thanks for reading, hope you find this review useful!


** This review is written based on our stays on 2-4 June 2016.


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