California Pizza Kitchen -or simply, CPK- has always been on top of my nostalgic list when it comes to F&B field. Back then, when I was still in high school, we didn’t have many choices (of fancy restaurants or eating places) like we do now, and CPK was one of our (I and friends) favorites. I remember we often went to this CPK outlet in Plaza Indonesia because it is very close to our school, and we really loved the pizzas especially the Peking Duck one.

CPK itself has been started in Beverly Hills in 1985. Serving authentic California-style cuisine, they offer innovative, hearth-baked pizzas with flavors and tastes from around the world. Nowadays, there are currently more than 250 CPK outlets in 33 American states and 11 foreign countries, impressive!

I didn’t remember seeing CPK anymore few years back, but last year (I think) I heard that they are opening again in Kemang and another one in Puri Indah. The Kemang outlet is located on Kemang Raya street and with the big signage, it’s definitely hard to miss.


The restaurant is simple and minimally decorated yet elegant. I love the warm colors of black, brown, green and yellow combination that look inviting but not cheap. There is also an open kitchen showing how the pizzas are made, plus we can also see how they’re baked through the oven window.


CPK specialized in pizzas but they also serve many other dishes from appetizers, soups, pastas, and desserts. But if you visit CPK, it’s just mandatory thing to order the pizza!

Let’s see what we had!

Two in Bowl IDR 55,000

This menu is actually a great deal for us who want to try their soup. Basically we can choose 2 different soups that will be served side by side in one bowl. I was thinking that the bowl should be something with partition, but it wasn’t. However, it didn’t matter because the soups didn’t mix with each other so I was perfectly fine with the plating.

The red soup is Sedona Tortilla: vine-ripened tomatoes, tomatillos and corn with mild green chilies and Southwestern spices, garnished with crispy corn tortilla chips. Intriguing flavor with hint of spiciness, RAWRR!

The other one is Wild Mushroom: Pureé of Portobello, Shiitake and White Mushrooms with a touch of cream, garnished with housemade garlic butter croutons. We love the thick consistency of the soup, strong mushroom flavor, every spoonful was just memorable.


Appetizer Sampler IDR 115,000

Three of CPK’s best favorites: Spinach Artichoke Dip, Avocado Club Egg Rolls, and Oven Baked Meatballs.


American-style Spinach Artichoke Dip is always the best, IMHO! The only downside was the quantity/portion, gimme more! XD


Housemade beef meatballs, marinara and mozzarella, hearth-baked in pizza oven, then garnished with fresh parsley. These balls were actually very good, very meaty and tasty at the same time.


Bacon and melted Monterey Jack wrapped in crispy wonton, served with housemade ranchito sauce and herb ranch. These rolls had so many things inside but the whole taste was just so-so.


Tried some of the mocktails (Summer Rain & Virgin Banana Colada) only because it was very hot that day. While the Summer Rain was fruity and refreshing, I really disliked the Colada because of the stinky coconut aroma and flavor. It was overpowered by the unpleasant coconut flavor like, totally.

Summer Rain IDR 25,000


Virgin Banana Colada IDR 25,000


Lemon Squash IDR 30,000


Pepperoni Supremo Beef IDR 120,000

For this pizza, we requested for a thin crispy crust type, which is made big but thin. The toppings were clearly given generously, and the pizza was still as good as I can remember. Fresh pepperoni, generous cheese, and bold-flavored Pomodoro sauce, Mamma mia!P1010381

Japanese Curry Penne with Crispy Chicken IDR 65,000

Penne with potatoes and carrots in Japanese curry sauce, topped with Panko-crusted chicken breast and green onions. Love the chewy penne, super fulfilling diced carrot and potato, yummy curry sauce. The crispy chicken was like a beautiful treat on top!

Oh yes, the portion is enormous so make sure to prepare your tummy!


Peking Duck Pizza IDR 80,000

Roasted duck breast, mozzarella, honey soy-glazed shiitake, fresh cucumbers, wontons, slivered scallions and chili mix and Hoisin sauce.

STAR OF THE CPK! Or so I think. XD

The Peking Duck pizza was just mind-blowing. First bite, my mind and soul were taken back to the old days when we used to enjoy this with our hard-saved pocket money, LOL. The taste was just magnificent. Sorry for blabbering like this but seriously, the taste was so nostalgic. In case you’re wondering, it’s like eating Peking Duck dish with a bread, complete with the Hoisin sauce and scallions/chili cuts. The wontons are nice but they make it difficult to eat. XD

If you notice, the size is smaller than the pizza above because this is the original type of pizza, not thin crust one.

P1010379 P1010378

You know, some places I visited in the past are so unforgettable even until now because they bring quality and right flavors. CPK is one of these places and I am glad they reopened in Jakarta. Hopefully we can pay another visit anytime soon because now I am craving for the pizza once again! ;P


*All prices are subject to 7.5% service charge & 10% government tax

*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

** This review is written based on our visit on 18 September 2015.


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