Bazaar & Festivals related to F&B are currently trending in Jakarta and this long weekend only, there are about 6 different events going on in various places, like Senayan City, Lippo Mall Puri, Kelapa Gading etc. Today, we decided to go to the event in Lippo Mall Kemang Village, organized by Market Museum, with the theme of Surprise Kitchen Vol. 2.

The reason why I picked this event is because there are 100+ F&B tenants, including Jakarta’s popular food trucks and of course, the mini Pasar Santa is the thing that attracted me the most. Honestly, I have never been in the trending Pasar Santa before (I know, shame!) so I was hoping that I could get one or two tastes of Pasar Santa stuffs there.

The event is held from the main lobby entrance and the main atrium, so basically from the moment you go into the mall, it’s all food heaven.


Based from our past experiences, we went there quite early, probably arrived around 11AM and the crowd was still okay. In the main lobby area, many colorful food trucks are parked and there are many tables and chairs to sit, I like this are much better than the indoor one.


We decided to start from outdoor area first because it looks more “reachable” while the tenants indoor are definitely larger in number, so we wanted to clear up the outdoor one first.

Let’s see what we tried!


This food truck serves kebab, obviously, and they have chicken, beef, and lamb (or mix). Too bad it was still early, so only chicken one was available.


Chicken Kebab IDR 45,000

As a kebab, it looked decent, but the taste was bland. It came with mayo sauce and separated chili sauce in sachet, which you’ll need for sure to enhance the taste. Preparation took about 15 minutes, not something that I would re-order again in this kind of event. However, must say that the staff was super duper friendly and helpful.

DSC_6231 DSC_6232

OKIRAKKI / 大きいラッキー

A food truck serving “Japanese Yakitori”, with a brand translated as “Big Lucky”. This was the first food truck that caught my attention and of course I had to try it.



Okirakki Skewer IDR 15,000

Rather than Japanese yakitori, it looked more like Indonesian chicken satay to me, with Japanese-style yakitori sauce. The chicken cuts were quite big and meaty as they used chicken breast, nicely grilled and well-seasoned before sprinkled with seaweed generously. On top we have a quail egg. We actually quite loved it, although it was different from the photo on the menu (there are spring onions in the photo, just like typical Japanese yakitori).


Bacon Lover + Extra Cheese IDR 20,000

Basically sausages wrapped by beef bacon, and we can choose to add extra cheese for IDR 3,000 or not. So tasty and worked so well with the sauce, YUM!



It’s hard not to notice this beautiful green combi, especially because it’s located right in front of the lobby entrance. This combi serves crispy food such as squid, fish, and mushrooms. You can also choose the sauce from selections of Original, Seaweed, Chilli, and Cheese.

Tried the Dory Crispy with cheese seasoning, too bad I didn’t really enjoy the dory as it was heavily coated with flour. The Calamari Rings was disappointing because we only got ONE piece of ring, while the rest was just the squid arms. We had the calamari with chili seasoning, which was decent. If you love crispy, fried stuffs, this might work for you.



Dory Crispy IDR 25,000


Calamari Rings IDR 30,000


There are many other interesting food trucks such as Loco Mama, Britatoes, Kai Pacifica, etc. We didn’t really try because it was getting hot that time (towards 12PM) and proceeded to tenants indoor!

DSC_6205 DSC_6201

Long queue for Mommadon, a tenant from Pasar Santa. In the end, we didn’t try even one stand of Pasar Santa because we just weren’t patient enough to queue.


Moving inside!



MOLA specializes in molten chocolate dessert in cup, and I had always wanted to try this since I saw them for the first time on Instagram. In this event, they have newest creation that I definitely wanted because it is a combination of sweet and savory!

Bacon & Nutella IDR 40,000

This milk chocolate lava cake is filled with Nutella, topped with bacon crumble and Nutella-coated bacon strip. As if it wasn’t enough to make me drool, they sprinkled some sea salt on top, creating a beautiful combination of sweet and savory flavors. I rarely like molten chocolate dessert because I find them too sweet and sticky in mouth. Fortunately, this was different and I found it very enjoyable.

DSC_6247 DSC_6263


Dopenuts is brand of donuts created by Andry Suriaputra, the man behind The Fctry Bistro & Bar in Lippo Mall Puri, Jakarta. We have been in The Fctry once and we totally looove the food there (he’s the owner and chef, BTW), so when we saw Andry from far away, we couldn’t wait to try his creation.


The donuts are thick and fluffy, with an almost chewy consistency that makes you craving for more! There are 7 flavors available in the event: Cinnamon Sugar, Bali Vanilla, Banoffee, Lemon Meringue, Creme Brulee (the most recommended, according to him), Honey and Seasalt (IDR 20,000 each), and Death by Guanaja Chocolate (IDR 25,000 each).

Went home with 8 pieces of these donuts and so far we are loving the Lemon Meringue and Banoffee. Creme Brulee was nice but isn’t exactly my cup of tea. However, these donuts are kind of dangerous because they are very addictive! My advice though, if possible, immediately eat there while it’s fresh, because it will definitely has better taste and consistency 😉

DSC_6281 DSC_6282 DSC_6268

Pink Lemonade IDR 15,000

This is easily missed but don’t forget to try the Pink Lemonade too! I might sound like advertising this tenant, but I am not. Just happen to love this guy’s creation and the pink lemonade was great as well. Distinctive lemon flavor with fragrant syrup, without being too sweet, and the result is a refreshing sour and sweet drink with lemon base. LOVE!



Matcha Green Tea Latte IDR 80,000/box

This cute looking matcha box attracted our attention and after we tried the samples, it tasted very good for an instant matcha latte! The box contains of 6 sachets, and we were kinda surprised to see how big the sachets are. Claimed to be made from 100% high quality Japanese matcha, Matcha Te promises that this doesn’t contain any artificial flavor and preservatives. We also think it can be a great gift to give someone you care about.

DSC_6284 DSC_6493


Ah finally, one tenant from Pasar Santa that I got to try this time, the infamous juice from JUDAS BAR!

Djamu Ijem IDR 40,000

What’s interesting about Judas’ drinks is their container, which is a plastic jerrycan with quantity of 350 ml (in the event). I chose Djamu Ijem, which is a cold-pressed juice of carrot, turmeric, pineapple, orange, and ginger. The juice was concentrated and satisfying, it somehow made me feel instantly healthy. XD Beside cold-pressed juices, they also offer various kind of smoothies.



“Lidi” snack is very popular for Indonesians as we grow up with this snack. If you don’t know this snack, too bad! XD This snack is priced at IDR 15,000/box, and it has many flavors too. I brought back home 4 boxes with flavors of Seaweed, Spicy, Double Spicy and BBQ. So far I have tried Seaweed and Spicy already, and must say I love these!! The spicy one was crazy, I don’t even know how crazy the Double Spicy is. ;D Size-wise, the “lidi”/stick is definitely bigger than the typical lidi snack, so the taste is stronger and bolder!


In the indoor area, the tenants are too many and the pathway is separated into two, so there are 4 sides of tenants lines. However, there are too many people who just sit around in the middle way without even eating or buying anything. It was very difficult to walk around as the area was very crowded and there was no organization as where to start/enter and where to exit. I felt this kind of inconvenience is something that makes me hesitant to go to this kind of event lately.

However, there are some really interesting tenants but we didn’t get to stop by (or try) because it was too crowded and some tenants didn’t have the stuffs we wanted.

DSC_6259 DSC_6257 DSC_6256 DSC_6266

F&B bazaars will keep trending for a while now, and I hope there are more creative tenants coming up so we can get to try more delicious stuffs! TEE-HEE!

DSC_6356 DSC_6360


*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.


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