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Throughout the month of May 2015, Pullman Jakarta Central Park launches Indian Food Festival at Collage All Day Dining, specially crafted by the Resident Indian Chef, Ranjit Debnath.

Pullman Hotel Jakarta Central Parkでは今年5月にインド人シェフ、ランジット・デブナスによりIndian Food Festivalがセントラルパークのプルマンホテルレストラン“コラージュ”で1ヶ月間開催されます。

Collage is always innovative with thematic promotions, and while we still can enjoy the usual buffet menu included in the All-You-Can-Eat rate (starting from IDR 278,000++/person), during the specific festival promotion, we can also indulge in the featured cuisine more specifically.

コラージはテーマのあるプロモーションを得意であるが、毎日食べ放題ビュッフェもあります。(*食べ放題ビュッフェ:一人約278,000ルピア/ 約2,780円から)。

Before we start with the food, as usual, I am going to write about this fancy and artistic building. Not only the Collage, the Pullman Jakarta Central Park itself has a very unique “personality” for a 5-star hotel. While the usual 5-star hotels have quite similar luxurious, elegant design, Pullman CP came with entirely different design: young, artistic, colorful, and quirky at the same time. Everytime I am there, I always feel like walking inside an art gallery, with magnificent art pieces and energetic vibes in the surroundings.


Back to Collage, the All Day Dining is no different. Located on the L level of the hotel (which FYI, 12 floors above the ground), Collage is a fusion of modern style, cutting-edge design and peerless standards with excellent views and natural daylight. The place is spacious, including an outdoor terrace which connects directly to the hotel swimming pool.


DSC_5854 DSC_5856 DSC_5990DSC_5988Right after entrance, we can see the arch gateway with Indian flag and decoration indicating the ongoing Indian Food Festival this month.



Let’s start with the Indian cuisine first!


DSC_5857 DSC_5892

There are two types of rice dishes served on the buffet: the picture below is Novoratan Pulao, which is a basmati rice cooked with mixed fresh fruit and saffron. The other one is Mughhali Chicken Biryani, a long-grained rice cooked with cream yogurt and chicken leg. I was very impressed by the strong flavors of both dishes, which indicated that these were cooked perfectly by professional hands. The rice dishes are the dry type (which I love!) but very easy to eat.



Moong Dal Tadka Punjabi or boiled yellow lentil cooked with punjabi. Lentil is definitely a must when we eat Indian food!



Malabar Fish, fish filler with fresh coconut milk and malabar spices. Have I told you that I love Indian food? XD If you are not, give this a try and you will be a happy convert, LOL!



Also, a separated area for the Indian bread preparation such as Naan, Papadum, etc. It’s fun to watch, and the breads were good!


DSC_5881 DSC_5884

Paneer Malai Tikka is Indian cottage cheese cooked with gravy in Indian spices. Dang, these were YUMMY! I think these can be considered as snack but they are quite fulfilling. When you bite these, the texture inside is chewy, almost gooey, like eating Wajik Ketan, only these are savory.



Tried almost everything from Indian station and couldn’t wait to go back and have more!


DSC_5870 DSC_5873

Beside the Indian buffet station, the usual other stations are also available, such as Cold Appetizers, Bread & Cheese, Japanese station, Indonesian station, Italian, and Western stations. Too many options but most all of them are so good, make sure to choose your portion wisely and try everything if possible. XD


DSC_5860 DSC_5877 DSC_5875 DSC_5985 DSC_5981 DSC_5896 DSC_5866

And of course, DESSERT!

From cakes, fondue station, ice cream machine, and made-by-order crepes, pancakes and waffle station to traditional Indonesian snacks a.k.a. jajan pasar, the dessert station has so much to offer for the sweet-tooth!


DSC_5939 DSC_5940 DSC_5943 DSC_5954

And for sure, there are also Indian desserts available to complete our Indian culinary experience here! Although I am not a fan of Indian desserts/sweets because most of the time, they are just too sickeningly sweet (for me), I found these ones in Collage this time were alright and actually quite enjoyable.


Kaju Barvi or cashew nut with milk cake, very common Indian sweets with a texture like mung bean cake, decorated with edible silver foil, and served with raisins.


is another form of Indian traditional dessert, made by wheat flour batter deep-fried in pretzel or circular shapes, which are then soaked in sugar syrup. Although these were deep-fried, but they weren’t crispy or crunchy at all. I actually found these very good as the sweetness wasn’t too overwhelming and the taste was quite simple.



And of course, there is also the famous Indian sweets, which is round-shaped cakes, Gulab Jamun. Honestly, I have never really liked it as I was traumatized by these cute balls back then. The deep-fried donuts alike are super sweet because it is soaked with sugar syrup and eating these (usually) makes me sick almost immediately. Luckily, these were sweet in acceptable way.



The chef behind this marvelous Indian cuisine creation is Chef Ranjit Debnath, who comes from Kolkata (West India). His specialty for Indian cuisine are South Indian, Tandoor Veg and Non Veg Kabbes, Variety of Indian Breads North Indian, Lentil, Curries, Variety of Biryani preparations and Indian sweets. His culinary experience in Pullman Jakarta Central Park has been going through since September 2012.


Buffet at Collage All Day Dining is priced at:

LUNCH (12PM – 3PM)

Monday to Friday: IDR 278,000++/person


  • Sunday to Thursday: IDR 298,000++/person
  • Friday to Saturday: IDR 308,000++/person

Weekend Brunch

  • Saturday & Sunday (11.30AM – 3PM): IDR 350,000++/person
  • or add IDR 250,000++/person for free flow of alcoholic beverages












For the drinks, there are also some matching drinks throughout the month, which are Tea Masala, Fruit Lassi, and Green Tea Jasmine tea. These drinks are NOT INCLUDED in the buffet price, but we can order them while dining in Collage to compliment our Indian cuisine experience. 😉


Tea Masala マサラ・ティー  IDR 58,000

The Tea Masala was nothing but satisfaction! From the aroma, I knew it was going to be GOOD. The bold Indian herbs and spices gave a distinctive taste that is unforgettable. MUST TRY.


DSC_5804 DSC_5811

Mango Lassi マンゴーラッシ IDR 58,000

I don’t always enjoy lassi (especially the plain ones) but these smooth, refreshing fruit lassi are simply my favorite! Both the mango and orange are worth to try.



Green Tea Jasmine Tea グリーンティージャスミンティー IDR 48,000

This tea is very good paired with “heavy” Indian cuisine and it can help your digestion better.


DSC_5820 DSC_5824 DSC_5846

Orange Lassi オレンジラッシ IDR 58,000


DSC_5937Oh yes, while dining at Collage, the signature bread will be passed on to your tables as complimentary item. The bread, Levain Pumpernickel is a brown-colored bread with solid and almost dense texture yet feels soft and smooth. Served with butter, this was truly a nice treat to the guests.

Overall, I really love the food here at Collage. I remember I only visited this place once, back in 2011 and I didn’t like the food. I am glad I returned and had a totally different experience this time! I will definitely go back and indulge more in this festival before it ends, will you?



*All prices are subject to 21% service charge & government tax




*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

*Food Escapeはこの記事のレビューに一切お金を受け取っておりません。


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