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Last weekend, we came back to Three Buns Burger & Cocktails at Senopati, South Jakarta, to try their newly-released Weekend Brunch Menu, which consists of 5 sweet and savory creations. The Weekend Brunch promotion is valid every Saturday and Sunday, from 11AM to 3PM.

Three Buns itself is not new in the neighborhood, as since its opening last year, it has been keeping the good crowds satisfied with its burgers and cocktails. Under management of Potato Head Group, along with the Potato Head outlets in Jakarta, Bali, and Singapore, Three Buns is another impressive creation that works more as community space as well as eatery in one unique spot.

People won’t notice how different the place is if we just see it from the street. Once we stepped inside, it was almost magical that such a place exists in the urban Senopati area. Just like its concept of community space, there is almost no barrier in this spacious place. It is green, inviting, and less pretentious place where strangers sits next to you can leave as friends, if you want to. The possibilities are endless.

It’s very easy to miss this place from the street, but look out for the dog head signage and the blue and white van parked behind the entrance gate!

DSC_4749 DSC_4750


Although the building looks rather gloomy from the outside, it is very bright and cheerful inside. With high ceiling and lots of green plants all over the place, it looks “healthy” and fresh: an ideal place for freshly-cooked burgers and chillin’ out with some yummy drinks. The seating area is uniquely created resembling tribunal seating, interesting.

DSC_4713 DSC_4734

Before this visit, I remember that we used to make our order from the parked van near the entrance, got the numbered chip, and so on. Nowadays it seems that such order system isn’t applied anymore as we ordered directly through the waiters/waitresses. I believe this is better than the previous system because we don’t have to queue to order, and the van area is much cleaner and empty now. Less hassle this way.


Without further ado, let’s see what the new Weekend Brunch menu is about! 😉


Kid N Play IDR 80,000

Roasted portobello mushroom, fried egg, cheese, arugula, garlic butter, and truffle oil, in an English muffin, served with a side of tater tots.

I always think that English muffins are the best options when it comes to making burgers for weekend brunches, so I was ecstatic to see these menu. The Kid N Play is probably targeted for kids (and vegetarians) as it contains no meat, and I found it very light and easy to eat. The portobello mushroom was big and thick, almost crunchy but chewy in the same time. The combination of the ingredients worked quite well and I simply love the aromatic garlic butter, but honestly, I am still into meaty burgers more so this is definitely not my favorite.

DSC_4777 DSC_4799

Kaya West IDR 55,000

Grandma Bush’s kaya, poached egg, butter and sweet soy glaze, served with a side of tater tots.

I wasn’t sure if this should have been included in Savoury menu or probably fits Sweet category better as kaya jam is involved. The kaya or coconut jam is made in-house, based on a family recipe passed down by their head chef of Three Buns in Singapore, so it should be good.

From the first glance, it almost looked like an open-cut steamed bun with fillings. Inside the buns, the kaya jam was spread generously and topped with poached egg. I was skeptical at first but since the first bite, I was sold! I love how I could feel the sweet and savoury flavors in each bites, so fun and addictive.

DSC_4844 DSC_4845

The Ronnie IDR 75,000

House chicken sausage patty, cheese, arugula, hollandaise sauce and a fried egg in an English muffin, served with a side of tater tots.

Another favorite for sure, The Ronnie delivered something as simple as chicken sausage patty into a special treat for the weekend brunch. Everything in there is delicious, but kudos to the super tasty hollandaise sauce which managed to bring out all the flavors to another level. MUST TRY.



Peanut Butter & Jelly Time IDR 70,000

White chocolate bun, morello cherry ketchup, peanut butter ice cream, shiso leaf, peanut brittle, served with a side of doughnut fries.

Our first pick for the sweet category was the PB&J burger, which was served cut open to two parts. Must say that we all went “WOW” the moment it was served, probably because of the thick brown layer which we assumed as the peanut butter.

We love peanut butter, and we don’t mind it in ice cream shape, so this one was truly enjoyable, although I wish it wasn’t so bland. The morello cherry ketchup was quite dominant in term of flavor, but not exactly my favorite. This menu is a refreshing creation, and kids probably love it as well.


Naughty Puppy IDR 30,000

Donut fries smothered with vanilla bean custard, morello cherry ketchup, praline, and mint.

The sweet version of Three Buns’ Naughty Fries, the donut fries are enjoyable just the way they are. Really. The sauces were beautiful to the eyes but I don’t like the overpowering tastes of vanilla bean custard mixed with morello cherry ketchup. But again, I am not really into sweet stuffs, so yeah.


Bare Roots Cola IDR 35,000

Natural cola made from lavender, coriander, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and citrus zest.

A refreshing no-preservatives drink resembling cola taste, but with all natural ingredients only. Nice attempts although of course it can’t beat the real one.


Sherbie Hancock IDR 35,000

Zingy sherbet lemonade with orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit.

Love it! The super citrusy tastes of each sips confirmed that this drink rocks! Great antioxidant too <3


Overall, the new Weekend Brunch menu from Three Buns are quite good. The selection is not many, but it’s enough for a quick, simple brunch to keep the day on! Our favorites are The Ronnie and Kaya West, both from savoury category, which we think are excellent addition to Three Buns’ impressive menu.

Oh yes, the Sweet menu are also available everyday, so if you happen to crave for something sweet when you visit this place on weekdays, you can also opt for those two!



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