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The first reason why I wanted to go through all the trouble driving so far to Citra Garden area last time was actually Matchafuku. The Citra Garden I knew previously is not this far (as much as I can remember) and I was actually surprised to find out that it is categorized into Cengkareng area. I have seen many interesting photos about the desserts on Instagram and decided to go there last week!

Matchafuku is certainly not the pioneer when it comes to Japanese dessert house concept, as we already have Shirokuma, Gyokuro, or Shirayuki. But I think it’s safe to say that Matchafuku totally “borrowed” the idea, menu, and whole concept from Shirokuma.

I was quite surprised to see the size of the shop, located on the second floor of a ruko building (on top of MeaterSteak restaurant, heard both places are under the same management/owner), it only occupies a small area separated into indoor and outdoor seating. Although it was hot and humid that time and I always prefer indoor area with air conditioner, I chose to sit in outdoor area to take better photos and the indoor area was actually quite packed during my visit. Despite its size, I must admit that the place is quite comfortable and makes my feeling so good, thanks to the colorful and bright environment.




Matchafuku specializes in Japanese desserts (especially matcha or green tea related stuffs), which are available in many forms such as soft creams, parfait, beverages, dessert bowls, and kakigori (shaved ice). There is no heavy meals but you can order snacks or finger foods such as Shaker Fries (IDR 20,000) or Popcorn Chicken (IDR 25,000) to accompany your desserts!

Altogether, the prices range from IDR 7,000 to 40,000, and compared to the “senior” Shirokuma, yes, if you’re wondering, the prices are lower!

Anyhoo, let’s move on to the desserts, shall we? 😉


Matcha Cake Parfait IDR 29,000
Soft cream, matcha cake, shiratama balls, red bean, cornflakes, matcha kanten.

The recommended, more complete version than the original Shiratama Parfait (IDR 25,000), this has additional matcha cake included.

I love the shiratama balls but they actually are more into Chinese sticky rice balls rather than Japanese shiratama balls, the consistency is harder and more chewy. Either way, it’s perfectly fine for me because I love both versions.

Matcha kanten was nice and fresh, while the star itself (matcha cake) was disappointing. With rough texture, it was a painfully hard to swallow, and the taste didn’t help much.

Bomb Parfait IDR 33,000
Soft cream, choco bomb, Milo, Oreo, sliced almonds, Pocky.
Beside matcha stuffs, there are some chocolate and strawberry menu available as well, and this one is a simpler version of the recommended dessert bowl, Chocolate Explosion (IDR 40,000). If you like chocolate, this is pure heaven for you. I was amazed that I didn’t find it too sweet or sickening despite all the crazy chocolate-related ingredients used. I mean, Milo, Oreo, and Pocky in one dessert, wow!

Matcha Anmitsu IDR 39,000
Soft cream, shiratama balls, mixed tropical fruits, matcha kanten, served with condensed milk.
A milder and softer alternative choice, you can choose to use (or NOT) the separated condensed milk. For me, even without condensed milk, it was already nice when I mixed everything with the soft cream. But again, it’s up to one’s preference.


Soft Cream IDR 15,000
There are 3 flavors available: matcha, vanilla, and twist (both). Tried the matcha one and honestly, it’s much better than the one in Shirokuma. It has nice level of sweetness balancing the natural bitterness of matcha. The texture is not as soft as usual Japanese soft creams, but well, as long as it’s enjoyable, it’s always a good attempt.


My visit to Matchafuku was pleasant and entertaining, especially because I had never expected that a shop like this can exist in such place. Not that the neighborhood is bad, but I somehow think that this Citra Garden City complex is relatively new yet I was surprised to see many people there in this particular shop. I can see that the Japanese desserts are still booming in Jakarta, and young or old, we all are dragged into its cuteness.

If you happen to be there, don’t miss it!



Visited on: 21 February 2015
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