Jeans Chilli Chicken is a little Korean restaurant located in Gandaria City, a franchise of the same brand originating from Australia which serves Korean hot and spicy chicken a.k.a. Buldak (Fire Chicken).

The place is not big, and to be honest, it doesn’t look too appealing from outside. The minimum lighting and yellowish color tone make it barely noticeable, sometimes -even worse-, it looks rather gloomy and unattractive.

This condition is considered ‘alive’ as normally the place looks empty.


But!! Don’t let the appearance fool you. So many times I didn’t take the chance to stop by and try their food, but I finally did few weeks ago. Seriously, how many times do I have to tell myself not to judge a book by its cover? And if you’re curious, why don’t you continue reading? XD


Cheese Chilli Chicken 
Large IDR 108,000 | Regular IDR 88,000 | Small IDR 62,000
Basically, this is their signature dish: the Jeans Chilli Chicken topped with melting mozzarella cheese. The grilled BBQ chicken fillet is cooked with JEANS secret Korean chilli recipe, creating a hot and spicy dish to begin with.

As you can probably tell, mine is the Small one, and it’s enough for two person. The large one comes on hot plate, which looks much better than this one, but I don’t think I could endure such a lot of spiciness when I also wanted to try other menu.

The chilli chicken is indeed spicy and kicking, with prominent taste of peanut sauce, almost like our (Indonesian) satay’s peanut sauce, just a bit milder. The meat is great, soft and thick, with right amount of seasonings absorbed very well until the inner side.

The mozzarella cheese is the fun part, and we loved it!



Ginseng Fried Chicken
Large IDR 92,000 | Regular IDR 72,000 | Small IDR 38,000

These golden Ginseng marinated chicken wings and drumettes are topped with real Ginseng to add a special layer of texture to the dish. They claimed to use Red Ginseng, which is known to build stamina and boost immune function.

I really love how crunchy these chicken are, but when it comes to the ginseng, I didn’t taste anything of it. I was expecting something strong, probably like when I eat something with ginger, but there was nothing. FYI, I know how ginseng tastes and this kind of disappointed me for some reasons. Anyway, let’s just forget that there is ginseng involved, but meanwhile, believe that these deep-fried stuff can actually do good to our bodies.

Chilli Chicken Egg Roll
Regular IDR 42,000 | Half IDR 25,000

Chef’s special egg roll with melting mozzarella cheese and chilli chicken treasures. This is not supposed to be the star but it *was* a star. The soft and thick egg roll was really something when combined with the spicy chilli chicken in the middle. I could eat thousand of slices!


Rice Ball (Ju Meok Bap) IDR 20,000

This “fist rice” is mixed with toasted seaweed and sesame seeds. Served with a plastic glove and scissors, there’s a fun way to enjoy this. Basically we need to use the scissors to cut the chicken into smaller parts, then mix them with the rice (using gloves, duh), then shape the rice into smaller balls.

Here comes the plot-twist.

When it was served on the table, nobody bothered to give us the details. And in the end, we didn’t even use the damn scissors, and the glove. Why didn’t we ask? Because we didn’t bother to, and we expected that such information should have been spread around by the staffs to EVERYBODY who visits the restaurant.


I just ate the rice from the stainless bowl, just like that. XD We kind of guessed around that it should be used to cut the chicken and mix the rice with glove et cetera, but well, we were too hungry that time to even bother, LOL.

I must say that the rice was delicious! Okay, it’s probably a bit too much to describe a rice as “delicious”, but it really was. It was very tasty and savory, with nice texture: soft and (a bit) soggy, in the nice way. I feel that the chicken tastes even better when eaten with this rice.

Chilli Rice Sticks IDR 48,000

a.k.a. Toppoki. Been crazy about these Korean rice sticks for a while and this one managed to fulfill my cravings perfectly.




I didn’t expect their food are this good, but actually it’s safer to say I didn’t expect anything before. Don’t get me wrong, I had my reasons why I had never actually stopped by no matter how many times I walked past by. The problem is, the place always looks empty and dark, while the other places look more alive and brighter. But again, I proved myself wrong and I am glad now I have a place to visit whenever I want some Buldak!


*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax

Visited on: 25 January 2015
** The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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Gandaria City Mainstreet Dining UG
Jl. KH. M. Syafii Hadzami No. 8
Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan 12240
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Mon-Sun 10AM – 10PM

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