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Let’s welcome All Good Coffee & Waffles, the newest coffee shop in the hip Panglima Polim (PangPol) neighborhood.

Opened for public since last month, the shop has been gaining positive responses from coffee lovers around Jakarta. As if the good location is not attractive enough, if you are a fan of Indonesian rising actor, Rio Dewanto, you’ll be happy to know that this place is owned by him.

Better yet, if you are lucky enough to visit when he is there, you can request him to be the barista and actually make your coffee. Now we are talking!

The coffee shop is located inside Maris store, just beside Asgar Badass barbershop (you probably will notice this barbershop first from the street). I wasn’t expecting a big place, but well, this shop is tiny. I visited during odd hours (around 2 PM) and luckily it was empty. With more crowds, I don’t think it’ll be too convenient sitting too long and enjoying my private coffee time.

All Good has a minimalist, artistic yet sweet feeling in it. The decorations are very simple and artsy, while the colorful cushions really give younger and colorful vibes to the whole room. I simply feel comfortable when I stepped in.

All Good uses Morph coffee as their main ingredients and I couldn’t be happier to hear that. Beside coffee, there are also other options for drinks such as tea, lemonade, etc. For the food, they have waffles (duh!), lasagna, various cakes, and churros. Price ranges from IDR 15,000 – 55,000 only.


Chai Latte IDR 35,000

First of all, this is GOOD. I must say though that I doubted that it was actually really chai latte as the color (and taste) so much resembled green tea latte. But who cares, right? I totally recommend this for sure.

Cappuccino IDR 30,000
What can go wrong with Morph? The cappuccino is smooth, clean, and fragrant. One glass is definitely not enough.

Easter Waffle Florentine IDR 40,000
This waffle is served with fresh spinach sauteed with special sauce and poached egg. My nephew is the one who ordered it and being a picky eater himself (totally NO to veggies!), he actually finished everything!

The waffle was kinda different from what I saw on Instagram, it’s round instead of square, and actually much thinner than in the picture. The texture was a bit too soft and less chewy, but it was alright. The sauteed spinach was aromatic and (surprisingly) flavorful, which I think is a good combination with neutralizing poached egg.

And guess what? The fact that this menu is original recipe from Mr. Dewanto himself is just an icing on the cake! XD

SB Waffle IDR 45,000
With smoked beef and scrambled eggs, served with special mayo and homemade Hollandaise sauce.
Okay, the color combination looks great but telling you I wasn’t really impressed by the portion of the topping. The smoked beef definitely could be a lot better in term of presentation, probably served in longer slices or something. This is one of the recommendations from the waiter so I expected something good. In reality, the scramble eggs was quite bland and the smoked beef didn’t help much. The sauces were okay but come on, I expected stronger, more kicking flavors for a Hollandaise sauce!

Churros IDR 20,000
The churros were a huge disappointment as the texture itself wasn’t very convincing, it almost felt like I was eating fried flour stick or something. Not only that, it was lacking of cinnamon flavor, and the worst part was the chocolate dipping sauce, which was too runny. However, I think customers don’t mind it as the price is quite cheap and during some days in the week, there is a promotion going on and the price is IDR 10,000.

Red Velvet Waffle IDR 40,000
This is actually a newer menu which was launched to celebrate Valentine’s day and seems to become part of permanent menu. For this, I got the same waffle size, already cut into 4 parts, sprinkled with sugar and served with cream cheese glaze. I actually kinda like it although I barely tasted the red velvet flavor, but when I spread the cream cheese on the waffle, I could imagine (and taste) the red velvet.

Ice Honey Lemonade IDR 20,000
The lemonade mixed with honey on the bottom was a thirst-quencher and I loved it. I love how the honey was actually very thick and tasted quite strong despite being combined with flavorful lemonade.


 All Good is a good coffee shop with good concept, good coffee, and good name behind it. The little problem is actually the food as mostly all of them are something related to waffles, and IMHO the waffles aren’t good enough to be the base. I am sorry but I was expecting a good base first before even thinking about toppings. Needless to say, the drinks are excellent and I will definitely come back for the coffee and lemonade. Service was very good, polite, informative, and fast. The downside was that the cakes were not available at all during my visit, so I couldn’t try any!

So here’s hoping that the waffles’ quality will be improved and wish All Good best of luck!

Visited on: 23 January 2015
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Jl. Panglima Polim IX No. 15 (inside Maris Store)

South Jakarta
Ph. +62 21 7208681
Opening Hours: 

Weekdays: 11 AM – 9 PM 
Weekend: 12 AM – 10 PM 

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