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Honey & Me is one of latest additions to countless homey cafés in the comfortable Wijaya street, Kebayoran area.

Surrounded by so much greens, this area is perfect for chilling out and spending a valuable afternoon time alone or with companies.


By this time I am writing, actually I have visited it twice, with my second visit was only 2 days away from the first one.You probably can tell that I really love this place based on that information. XD

Yes, I fell in love to the place the first moment I saw it from outside.

The interior is young, stylish, and very relaxing at the same time. Dominated with wooden furnitures plus colorful decorations, it took my heart away instantly.




The place is divided into some areas: indoor (coffee counter, sofa lounge, main dining area, and also the more private area upstairs) and outdoor (backyard with fountain and front patio near parking space). Although all the areas are decorated nicely, my ultimate seating area is in the main dining area just near the glass windows.


I love the benches 🙂

















Honey & Me is coffee shop as well as eatery so they serve food from breakfast until dinner. The selections are not too many because their concept is just like a simple café, but I think it’s enough for a place like this.


The F&B’s prices range from IDR 26,000 – 58,000 only. The breakfast menu is only available from 8AM to 10AM, and comes with free coffee or tea.


Let’s start with the drinks!


I had Honey & Me Lychee Iced Tea (IDR 34,000) in my first visit, and I understood perfectly why it has the signature words in the title (They also have some types of fruit iced tea and this one falls in separated category). This drink is quite nice and flavorful, especially because there are so much more than just lychee syrup, they put some lychee fruits, selasih (basil seeds), and also nata de coco. Lovely!


Honey & Me Lychee Iced Tea (IDR 34,000)


During my second visit, Mr. K opted for Nutella Frappe (IDR 45,000) and I chose Iced Caffe Mocha (IDR 36,000). While the Nutella one is yummy and addictive, my mocha drink failed miserably. It was annoyingly bland, almost no taste of mocha, even instant one can do much better.


Nutella Frappe (IDR 45,000)


Iced Caffe Mocha (IDR 36,000)


Our lunch started with Creamy Rigatoni Pasta with Bratwurst Sausage & Cheese (IDR 47,000), which is very well cooked and suited my preference, like, totally. I am more into white sauce pasta rather than red sauce, but I am very picky with the cream and cheese stuffs. This pasta is chewy, creamy without being overwhelming, and the Bratwurst sausage gives the savory flavor and nice smokey aroma.


Creamy Rigatoni Pasta with Bratwurst Sausage & Cheese (IDR 47,000)


Second dish was Oxtail & Green Chily Fried Rice (IDR 55,000). The oxtail was served boneless and already pulled, mixed with the fried rice. Although I like the spicy fried rice, I wish that they put more stuffs in it for that price. XD


Oxtail & Green Chily Fried Rice (IDR 55,000)


A burger menu never hurts to satisfy our hunger, so here comes the Thick Burger with Cheese & Fries (IDR 58,000). Looking totally like a homemade burger, we didn’t expect much upon seeing it on the table.
What makes it “thick” is the double patties, which surprisingly tasted nothing like beef patties. We agreed that these tasted 100% pork (!!) but there is nothing mentioned on the menu. So if anyone try this, and can enlighten us, please do. –> as per January 6th, 2015, we got clarification from them already claiming that the patty is 100% beef.


Thick Burger with Cheese & Fries (IDR 58,000)


For the dessert of my first visit , I had Waffogato (IDR 36,000) which is basically waffle, ice cream, and espresso. The set is served on a wooden board (just like the food); with a piece of waffle and vanilla ice cream in one glass complete with oreo crumbs, and a cup of espresso.


The waffle is thin and soft, I prefer thicker and crunchy one. I think it’s nice but not something that I will recommend unless you only want something fancy.


Waffogato (IDR 36,000) 


Macaron Ice Cream (IDR 35,000) is simply delicious. Surprise! The macarons are pretty and decent, with a nice chewiness and generous fillings. I got blue one, which had taste of mint and worked perfectly with the vanilla ice cream and sweet oreo crumbs.




My second visit confirmed that I don’t only like the place, but also the food, service, and everything. My only complaint is that the staffs gathered in the coffee counter area rather than spread out and actually waited near guests’ tables just in case we need their assistances. However, their polite and prompt services are highly appreciated.


Honey & Me is definitely in my favorite list, and the good news is, it’s not even a week after the New Year.
Good luck and I shall see you again very soon!


*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
Visited on: 30 December 2014 & 1 January 2015
** The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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Jl. Wijaya IX No. 4A
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
Ph. +62 21 739 7435
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 8AM – 11PM

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