Who loves rujak? Rujak is Indonesian term for “rojak”, a more popular term that comes from a Malay word, which means “mixture” in English. So as you can probably tell, rojak (or rujak) is a traditional fruit and vegetables salad mixture dish that are commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. For now, let’s get more specific and talk about Indonesian rujak only 😉
Indonesian rujak has so many variety that it somehow amazes me to certain extent because it seems like every single area has its own version, how cool is that? For example, eventhough we can categorize the rujak into 3 big groups: fruits, vegetables, or both; there are still lots of variants such as the usual fruit rujak, rujak tumbuk (or bebek), rujak juhi, rujak cingur, rujak petis, and many others! 
One of the most unique Indonesian rujak is Rujak Aceh, that originally comes from Aceh (duh!). This rujak, usually called Rujak U’groeh has certain ingredients like: young coconut meat, young papaya, carrot, true sago palm fruit (buah rumbia), bird’s eye chili, lime, and kweni mangoes. I love rujak and I had never tried rujak Aceh before, so when I was offered to review this product, I was kinda excited to try it!

Ctine Rujak Aceh is an online shop specializing in freshly-made rujak Aceh, I would say it’s a modified version because it doesn’t seem to be exactly like the description I read everywhere. The ingredients of this version is: mango, papaya, pineapple, kolang kaling (nata de coco), buah atep (can’t find the english word!), and cucumber. I think I also spotted bengkoang (jicama) inside too, not too sure, though. Ms. Christine, the owner, uses only fresh ingredients and no preservatives is added so you can tell that the rujak usually can only last for 2-3 days if they are stored in the fridge
The rujak is priced at IDR 75K/portion and it’s put inside a plastic container, and best eaten cold. I think the price might be quite high, but once you see how much one portion is, you’ll understand why. The first thing I noticed when I opened the container lid was that the fruits are cut in diced, not shaved, so you know that they really use lots of fruits inside. The sauce is thick and so fragrant, because it’s made from real mangoes, with dominantly sweet taste that makes you craving for more! I really love eating this rujak because the fruits used are crunchy types, so it was very enjoyable listening to the sound of crushing the fruits in the mouth, LOL! I got mine with medium level of spiciness, but it was already great, I can’t imagine how delicious it must be when I order the extra spicy one! 
Rujak Aceh Ctine will open the booth in Independence Day Bazaar at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), exactly at Marketing Office Golf Island, on 16-17 August 2014 from 8AM to 6PM. If you’re curious or wanna try this delicious rujak, then you should come and try it yourself! Ciao!
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