This is a long overdue post and honestly I feel bad for not urging myself hard enough to write about this sooner! This is about a tiny, cute coffee shop that is located very hidden inside the office complex, Rukan Permata Senayan (well, don’t ask me why, now I have become a very loyal visitor of this particular complex), a place that you can easily miss if you’ve never been in the complex, but I tell you, this place is worth your visit because it is just simply good.

Coffee Cup by Chérie is not your typical coffee shop. From outside, it’s easy to miss since the buildings in the complex are kinda uniform in color and shape, but make sure to look for the black and white canopy, together with the cute oval signboard.

Created and managed by a team of brother and sister, they use the space inside the family office in the very own place, not big, but enough to put a coffee counter and fit 5 small tables with 10 chairs inside. When the first time I came here, I was surprised to see how small the place is, but I was told that their Green Tea Latte is amongst the best in town, so it got me curious.






They serve coffee and tea, as well as iced blended drinks, with prices range from IDR 15K – 35K only. Actually beside the coffee shop, the owner also manages a cake and pastries online shop called Chérie, and we can actually try some of their creations in Coffee Cup by Chérie, too! The availability of the sweet treats can vary during the days but so far, I see some cakes are always available and the prices are quite affordable, from IDR 10K – 35K.



In my first visit, I tried Spanish Latte (IDR 35K) which is actually one of their signature drinks, or probably best-selling drink, because it is the one which is recommended by the barista most often. XD It came in a medium-sized yellow cup, tasted very nice and easy to the throat. It was milky and sweet, a very good combination of coffee and milk, no additional sugar is needed, and the latte art was beautiful. In short, this is a good latte that everyone, any age, can enjoy, because it’s smooth and light.


Spanish Latte IDR 35K 


We also tried the Hazelnut Latte (IDR 35K) and Tea Latte: Black Peach (IDR 30K), which tasted mild and milky too. For the tea latte, we can choose the variant of tea that we want, there are options like Black Peach, Meyer Lemon, Earl Grey, Jasmine Blossom, English Breakfast, Raspberry, Chamomile, and Peppermint. The stronger tea taste that we choose, the tea latte tastes even better, IMHO. The Black Peach one didn’t disappoint because it had strong hint of peach and very fragrant, when made into latte, it was perfectly soothing and refreshing.


Hazelnut Latte IDR 35K


Black Peach Tea Latte IDR 30K


Now, where is the Green Tea Latte? Hold on, more pics coming! During my first visit, the barista told me that the green tea wasn’t available for the past weeks so I couldn’t try. But thanks God, the next visit, I got to meet the owners and the Green Tea Latte was back in business, YAY! And truth behold, yes, yes, yes, I couldn’t agree more with whoever saying this is one of the best of its kind (in the town)! The Green Tea Latte (IDR 30K) was perfectly mixed, nicely sweetened, and very green tea, in a good way. What I love about anything green tea is the bitter sweet taste that I find so addicting and makes me want more, and here, a glass of this just is never enough.


Green Tea Latte IDR 30K



Beside the drinks, we also tried some of the cakes, like Mocha Cake, Carrot Cake, Puddings, Blueberry Cheesecake, probably everything that we saw in the display during our visits. Don’t have proper photos of them, though, because we just took photos of our first and second visits, but we’ve been there a couple of times until now, so basically we just tried different things each time, LOL! What I got here is the Blueberry Cheesecake (IDR 35K), which looked friggin’ beautiful and solid from the first glance. Once the plastic was unwrapped, the cake kinda sinked down indicating how fragile and soft the cake was. The cheesecake had texture like mousse rather than cake, so it resembled a jelly to some extent, not really my favorite type of cheesecake, if you ask. But the blueberry was spread on very generously, sweet and sour, blended perfectly with the mousse. To top it all, there was the super delicious crust on the bottom, that gave salty, tasty flavor to the whole cake and it was simply excellent.


Blueberry Cheesecake IDR 35K


Oh yes, Coffee Cup by Chérie also has its branch outlet in Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall, named Coffee Cup Express. Beside coffee and tea, there will also be other menu available, from Italian Soda to small bites like Pompoms, Chicken Nuggets, and Waffles. I am not sure about the snacks, but as much as I know, the Italian Soda menu is already available in that outlet. Luckily, I got to try the Italian Soda (all variants) that were served for tasting purpose only, so please note that the photos are not the real size/portion of Italian Soda you purchase in the outlet! 😉





The Italian Soda comes in 5 flavors: Orange, Mango, Strawberry, Kiwi and Blackcurrant. My favorite was Orange and Blackcurrant, because these two had the strongest tastes while the others, not really. However, if you happen to look for quick, refreshing drink, then search no more, these are perfect for you.


Italian Soda (IDR 25K each)
L-R: Orange, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Kiwi, Mango



Le nephew loves his cup of Spanish Latte to the max!


Take-away Coffee, anyone?


Coffee Cup by Chérie is currently my favorite coffee shop as I simply love their drinks (and the sweet treats), and I think this kind of shop needs more recognition. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea (no pun intended) because of the mild and (considerably) light-tasted coffee, but hey, give it a try and you’ll understand what I mean. For coffee lovers, they also use Tanamera coffee beans, so you know the quality. The good news is, they are planning to expand the shop (yes!) probably next year and I can’t wait to see the bigger, more spacious version of it.

Meanwhile, I wish them the best luck and I am just gonna be the loyal visitor for now 😉



** The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

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