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Some days ago, I went to this lovely cafe named The Fool Cafe, which is located far, far away in BSD City, South Tangerang area. The reason why I went there was actually because I read about it somewhere before and the place looked good from the pictures. And because it was weekday and it normally takes about 30-40 minutes trip using freeway from my area to Serpong, so yeah. In reality, BSD City is quite a newly-developed area, and located much, much further from the freeway (I don’t know, probably went out from the wrong exit), and it took us almost 1.5 hours to find The Breeze, the building where the cafe is located in.


The Breeze is actually a building complex just across Sinar Mas office tower (BTW, BSD City is managed by Sinar Mas, so all around there is mostly theirs), filled with restaurants, cafes, and shopping boutiques. Because it is still being developed, though, it looks like almost a dead town when we visited. The buildings are kind of separated one to another, with open-air concept, it is very beautiful. I could imagine how nice it would be to spend some time walking around there.


It was a bit confusing because we didn’t know where the lobby is (or whether it exists or not, LOL!). The area is categorized to make things easier and named as Batik 1, 2 etc. The Fool Cafe is located at Batik 3 lot, and after asking some janitors, we finally made our way to the cafe, which is on the second floor, above Shabu Auce, another restaurant under the same management.


My first impression: the place is not big, but quite spacious with both indoor and outdoor seating areas.
The only way to go to the cafe is by using the elevator and when it opens, the first thing that I saw was the comfortable-looking sofas with coffee tables in the outdoor area. It was cloudy that time so I didn’t need to be afraid of direct sunlight whatsoever, but we chose a table inside. You know, there is something of this place that made me felt comfortable almost immediately as I came in. It might look like regular fancy coffee shop in the beginning, but when I sat down, my eyes looked around and I felt like I found the right spot. And honestly, the weather that day was so helpful and made me sleepy. If there were no other people that time, I would have thrown myself to that cozy sofa and slept right away, LOL!












The cafe serves large selection of food from appetizers, soups, main courses, breakfast menu, desserts, fresh beverages as well as coffee. Prices are quite reasonable, ranging from IDR 25K – 90K. We ordered quite a lot because everyone was terribly hungry, so let’s check them out!

Iced Americano IDR 28K
Believe it or not, this was the order of my 4.5 years old nephew who fell in love madly to coffee because of our coffee shop sessions. Americano is certainly not the most ideal coffee drink for a kid like him, but this one impressed us because he could actually finish this by himself. Tried this a bit myself and I understood why. The coffee was fragrant and just nice with a little addition of sugar.

Iced Green Tea Latte IDR 28K
Beautiful presentation, lacking taste of the matcha itself.

Iced Tea IDR 18K
Generous serving, sugar was given without asking.

The Fool Platter IDR 55K
Combination of appetizers (cheese bacon potato skins, cheese stuffed mushroom, barbeque chicken wings, potato wedges, and fried onion ring), served with honey mustard sauce, tar tar sauce, barbeque sauce and Thai sweet chili sauce.

First of all, I always love platters, just because that I can simply get a taste of everything in one go. This one wasn’t an exception, the platter was satisfying and served generously. My favorite was the potato skins with cheese and bacon on top, but the others were pretty good and freshly made too. And seriously, adding 4 kinds of sauces is a lovely way to treat the customers.

Cheesy French Fries IDR 25K
Supposedly this one is served with the melted cheese on top of the fries, but I requested it this way. The fries were very crispy and tasty, not too salty. The cheese used was mozzarella so it almost had no taste at all. Perhaps that would be good if the fries were salty, but if it wasn’t, cheddar cheese would be preferable.

The Fool’s Big Breakfast IDR 55K
Two eggs, sauteed mushroom, grilled tomato, with your choice of sausage, ham or bacon.
The cafe serves all day breakfast menu, so I thought, why didn’t try it? This big breakfast is undeniably good for breakfast! Although I must admit it wasn’t a good choice if you feel very hungry and need something more for lunch, but surprise, I actually felt quite filled up after finishing this! Main star? The freakin’ delicious fat, thick sausages!

Cheesy Chicken Bechamel IDR 55K
Fried breaded chicken breast topped with sauteed mushroom, onion, smoked beef over bechamel sauce and melted cheese, served with vegetables and crispy potato wedges.
The chicken was thick yet soft and tender, with the main highlight of bechamel sauce (sauce made from butter and flour cooked with milk) which was thick, rich and delicious.

Spaghetti Tuna Aglio Olio IDR 40K
Spaghetti with garlic and olive oil mixed with tuna and parmesan cheese on top.
The presentation was very beautiful, the taste was decent and acceptable. I prefer my aglio olio to have more moisture so some additional drops of olive oil perhaps can do.

Beer Batter Fish and Chips IDR 55K
Beer-battered dory fish served with french fries, mesclun salad, and homemade tar tar dipping sauce.
Simply said, this one was perfect plate of fish and chips. Loved everything, the fish, the chips, the salad, the sauce.

Banana Nutella Waffle IDR 35K
To be completely honest, after eating a series of great food, I expected great desserts to end the lunch. There are options for this, you can order the waffle, pancake or crepe, and I chose waffle, for no reason. When it was served, I wasn’t impressed because of the portion and hello, where was my Nutella? Although the waffle was good, but still. Good thing was everything was yummy and complimented each other (banana, strawberry, chocolate ice cream, etc). Maybe I will try the crepe next time!

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake IDR 30K
Lava cake is usually not so beautiful in appearance but this one was an exception. The cake was so beautiful it was flawless. Topped with a cherry with side of pocky stick and a scoop of chocolate ice cream, who can resist this beautiful plate of dessert? The disaster started when I cut it open to take photos of the melting “lava”, it was very runny so everything spilled out, even to the table. Frankly speaking, I had never seen such a runny, full of liquid chocolate lava cake like this. It was very messy but thanks God, the cake tasted so HEAVENLY GOOD. The lava was amazingly fragrant and smelled like good quality cocoa.


In the nutshell, I am gonna tell you The Fool Cafe ROCKS! From the place, the food, the drinks, the service, everything was satisfying. Honestly, if only they open nearby, I would definitely come like, everyday, LOL! This cafe is truly a hidden gem that needs more recognition and definitely is a great place to hang out or just enjoy the dishes. Hope to come back soon!!


*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax

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The Fool Cafe
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