Yesterday, we were invited to the Opening event of Igor’s Pastry in Kebayoran area, Jakarta. Igor’s Pastry is not a new name in Bakery & Patisserie world in Indonesia, with its first outlet opening since year 2002 in Surabaya, it has been around for quite sometime. The second outlet is located in Bali, and the Jakarta’s outlet is the third one and I am sure many people here have been anticipating it! In Jakarta, the outlet is located at the strategic Wijaya street, just beside Tee Box cafe, across Ruko Grand Wijaya. Different from Surabaya and Bali’s outlets, the outlet here is much, much bigger, and the second floor is opened for a dining place. How cool is that? 

Igor’s Pastry comes from the collaboration of a husband and wife, Mr. Innico Sjahandi (more popularly known as Mr. Igo) and Mrs. Ratna, who are experienced professionals in F&B field, since long before they opened the outlet. They offer wide selection of baked goods, from bread, cake, dry cake, cookies, sandwich, savory, pudding, chocolate, ice cream and many others, which are made from high quality ingredients with international standards. Since the beginning, they try to produce delicious but healthy products, and there are many options of health-conscious products such as sugar-free, gluten-free, casein-free, low-fat, low-carb, and high-fibre goods. 
And if all those things aren’t enough to convince you to grab some of their products, do you know that Igor’s Pastry also has certificate of HACCP and Tuv Nord? HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is an international organization that controls food industries regarding standards of quality, making procedure, and safety of food-related products. HACCP certification is a must for five-stars hotels industries or international hotel networks. And Mr. K told me that to be able to get this certificate is so damn difficult because the organization’s person comes to check everything by themselves and even a smallest thing can ruin everything. To cut things short, it’s VERY DIFFICULT to get this certification, period. Tuv Nord is no different, as an organization specializing in international hygiene certification from Germany, it monitors sanitation, making process and ingredients of a product, and this is done annually. 

Before the Press Conference began, we had opportunity to try some of Igor’s Pastry‘s products from the food, pastries, pudding, cakes, and drinks. Let’s check it out!

Infused Water & Lemon Grass Drink

Tried both, while the infused water didn’t have prominent fruity flavors (probably not left long enough), the lemon grass drink was quite enjoyable. However, I thought it was more like ginger drink to me, LOL.

Caesar Salad

Garlic Bread

Summer Fruit Salad with Passion Fruit Sauce

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Beef Slice & Potato Gratin

Sauce Cream Broccoli

Sesame Nori Puff

Chicken Mushroom Puff

Roulade Beef & Cheese

Salmon Spinach Quiche

We tried everything from the above, we loved almost everything! My personal favorite was the Beef Slice & Potato Gratin, while Mr. K enjoyed the Sauce Cream Broccoli so much. The spaghetti was good too although I think it was a bit too oily. The other savory snacks were nice too especially the Salmon Spinach Quiche, yum!!

Cheese Brownies

Tofu Pudding

Red Velvet

Chocolate Opera

Chocolate Cream Pie

There were many more desserts that were served on the table, but we didn’t take all the photos. Didn’t try all of those desserts but the Red Velvet and Chocolate Sacher (sorry, no pic!) were ones to die for. Normally, I am never really a fan of red velvet cakes, cupcakes, whatever (except the one from UNION, thanks to the generous amount of nuts involved), but this one was acceptable. The cream cheese frosting was lighter and softer than regular ones, and this one didn’t make me want to vomit. Frankly speaking, I tried 4 kinds of cakes and sweet pastries only, and I loved them!

So after that the PressCon began and it started by a health-related lecture about “Healthy Way of Eating” by Dr. dr. Inge Permadhi MS. SpGK, a nutritionist. We got lots of information and knowledge about it but honestly, I think the session was a bit too long. Later on, there was another session introducing Igor’s Pastry in general, brought by Mr. Igo himself. Too bad Mrs. Ratna didn’t join the event because it would be extra exciting to meet both of them in person. I mean, Igor’s Pastry is very popular in Surabaya and I was excited to hear they open the outlet in Jakarta, but had never met the owner in person. Even my family knows this shop and we all are very enthusiastic to hear that they are opening here.
So, here’s DA MAN!!

Mr. Innico Sjahandi (or Mr. Igo), owner of Igor’s Pastry
Had great time meeting him in real person, very down-to-earth kinda guy with kind eyes and likable personality. Honestly I was a bit unprepared to talk to him, but in the end, it was smooth because he wasn’t intimidating at all (talking about cold feet, LOL!). I mean, I always adore and respect a person like him (and his wife), who start something from zero and made it this far, bravo! 
And I came back home bringing the goodie bag containing this cute car-shaped box, let’s take a peek what’s inside!

Haven’t tried the cheese cake yet but the Chocolate Cashew Nut Cookies are so good!! The cookies are so crunchy and smell like butter and chocolate, yummy! And not only this box, we also bought some of their products back home because a trip to a bakery is never complete without a shopping bag, LOL! However, I didn’t take all the photos because they were already eaten -_-;

Cheese Gougeres IDR 30.5K
Gougeres or Classic French cheese puff is actually similar to soes cake, and here the puffs are sugar-free. The puff didn’t have cheese fillings whatsoever, but the cheese flavor can be identified when eaten. The puffs were a bit too dry for my liking, because I prefer my puffs to be soft usually.

Tuna with Onion Bun IDR 19.5K
The bread was literally loaded with tuna, which is good, but the onion wasn’t really prominent, even from the aroma. The bread wasn’t exactly the best one because it was dry and rough, and with this kind of price, I expected something much better than this.

Smoked Salmon Bun IDR 25K
Again, I hardly found this delicious because it just wasn’t. The smoked salmon was not appealing at all, and the taste was err, not what I expected. You know, for a price that I paid, I wished that my bread and my salmon screaming “fresh!” when eaten. And it just didn’t happen.

Japanese Cotton Cake IDR 14K
We were excitedly happy when we found this cake from all the glorious displays in the shop, so we immediately bought it. From its looks, perhaps one will think again whether to buy this or not considering the price, but we had hope so we did. Turned out to be another disaster, the cotton cake should have been renamed as “regular steam cake” or something because this is just bad. This version of cotton cake is too wet and moist, making it “heavy” and lumpy. Not recommended.

Macaron Tiramisu IDR 19.5K
You know, the macarons are put in plastic packaging and I thought this price was for 2 pcs or more. And when I reached home and found only 1 piece, I was like, WHAT?! I mean, even the most delicious (my version) of macaron in Jakarta, that comes from Sweet Boutique in Kempinski Hotel, those are made by a real French chef, only costs about IDR 10K/pc (probably IDR 12.5K max including tax!). *shake head* However, the macaron was pretty decent although I probably wouldn’t repurchase because I can find much more delicious ones with more reasonable prices.

Peach Persica IDR 22K
Well, my sister who used to live in Surabaya and was a loyal customer of the outlet there once told me that she used to go there to buy the danish or pastry kind of stuffs. This one was recommended by a staff and actually it was pretty good. If you bring back home and eat it another day, I suggest to put them in oven first to ensure the freshness.

Durian Monthong Bun IDR 25K
This one caught our eyes right away and glad that we bought it. Although the fillings didn’t exactly taste like usual Thai durian (monthong), it was sweet and seems like real durian meat.

We also tried their puddings like Mango Pudding (IDR 33K) and Almond Longan Pudding (IDR 27.5K), the containers are quite big so I think the prices are quite reasonable. The puddings are very nice, fluffy and come with another pot of sauce. 
As for the breads, I don’t know if it’s only me, but I think the breads are quite different from what I had in Surabaya. I tried some of their products before in Surabaya and they were actually very nice and fresh. While the ones that I bought in Jakarta were considerably not-satisfying, I still have hope and will come back for another visit next time.
Meanwhile, congratulations for the opening of Igor’s Pastry in Jakarta and wish you all the luck and success! See you again soon!

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