Since last year, there has been lots of interesting stuffs coming to Indonesia, one of them is the cultural tradition called “Afternoon Tea”, which is originated amongst the wealthy classes in England back in 19th century. I don’t say it’s a new stuff here, but thanks to the trending lifestyle now, dining is no more just a necessities, but more as a symbol to enjoy the life; therefore people here are more “open” and are not afraid to try not-so-familiar things! Traditionally, “afternoon tea” refers to the light meal eaten between 4-6 pm, where the people drink tea accompanied with savory snacks like sandwiches, also cakes and pastries, which interestingly, the food are often served on a tiered stand.
Since October 2013, there is a shop which always took my attention whenever I went to Gandaria City, but I had never had the opportunity to visit. The place has this beautiful, lovely blue and white theme, and I find it really attractive, and the name “Lady Alice” suits the whole design and decoration very well! Moreover, the dining area is outside the shop so it’s very tempting to stop by whenever you pass by the area. 
The main feature of the shop is the afternoon tea and high tea, but they also serve heavier meals like pasta, rice dishes and many more. Honestly, I was so tempted looking at the menu, so next time I will definitely try their meals! As a tea room, this place’s specialty is the chimney cake, one of the oldest Hungarian pastries, which look like a round spiral and those are just beyond cute!! On top of that, Lady Alice claims that they are the first local shop in Indonesia who bring the tea room concept and also the pioneer of chimney cake here.
Now I wonder if they really serve food that can bring us to wonderland? Let’s find out!


High Tea Special Edition IDR 125K
So there was a promotion of their High Tea Special Edition, which usually costs about IDR 250K for 2 person and now became half price, includes some savory snacks, cakes and other desserts. 
Photo courtesy of Lady Alice Tea Room
For the choice of tea, we settled with Lady Alice tea, which is the combination of peach and rose tea, and seriously it was VERY GREAT!! The tea color was very beautiful, smelled so good, and the taste was great, too. Highly recommended. Beside this, they also have selections of other familiar teas like Earl Grey, Green Tea, Chamomile, Camellia, etc. And also, their tea set is SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL!! I took like, zillion photos of the tea set only, and posing high and low with that lovely set!! Err.. XD!!!

The food were just similar with the photo so we were very satisfied. Our favorite would be the frozen mousse (hello, lucky it wasn’t “mouse” as advertised!), rich chocolate but not too sweet. The macarons were super tiny and too dry (probably had been stored in fridge for God-knows-how-long) and we didn’t even know what the fillings were. The creme brulee were just nice. Samosa and spring rolls, I think they shouldn’t have been there because honestly they were just a strange additions to the stand. The sandwiches were okay, but I wish they were fresher. The mini cakes surprisingly were not THAT mini in sizes, I especially enjoyed the yellow one, assuming it was a lemon cake, it was light, refreshing and just great. The chocolate one wasn’t bad either, it was just a little too sweet but a great company if our tea was bitter.

Raspberry Chimney Cake IDR 35K
We also tried their infamous chimney cake, and totally fell in love with it from my first bite! The cake (or pastry) was crispy and soft in the same time, with rich buttery aroma and taste, it was already good eaten alone. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and loads of raspberry sauce with oreo crumbles, the plate was heavenly sweet! If you are craving for savory pastries, you can also get this chimney cake with non-sweet filling selections like sausage, or dip selections like garlic, cheese, even wasabi!

*All prices are subject to 6% service charge & 10% government tax
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Lady Alice Tea Room
Gandaria City Level 2
Jl. KH. M. Syafii Hadzami No. 8
Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan 12240
Ph. +62 21 2923 6376
Free Wi-fi: Available
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00 
Estimated Spending: IDR 100.000/person