Continuing my endless craves for bubble drinks, now I share you the glorious A Gantea (or A-Gantea), yet another drink and crispy chicken stores originated from Taiwan. My first encounter with this stall was around November last year, when I curiously bought their bubble tea in Lippo Mall Kemang. They were just opened that time, and there was a promotion of buy 1 get 1, and although I wanted to try their crispy chicken menu, I was too full that time so I just tried the drink. The drink was nice, but there was nothing really special about it. Later, during my next visit, I tried their crispy chicken and I totally loved it!
So when I was in PIK area last time, I passed the street and saw A Gantea’s shop, I was really keen to try eating inside as the one in Lippo Mall Kemang is just a stall with no dining area. The place is not too big but it’s easy to find thanks to the gigantic bright signboard and its trademark color: blue and white. Located at the infamous Ruko Cordoba, where tons of food joints are lining up, I believe there is nowhere else more strategic than this area.

The place is not too big, just like a regular little cafe with modern minimalist design. Maybe it’s just me, but every time I see A Gantea’s decoration, I think it looks like it’s taken from a sci-fi movies or something. Not that it means bad, though! Oh yes, if you want to smoke, there is also a smoking area outside, which is probably a better idea because it is quite windy and even chiller than the room inside.

Since we already had dinner that time, we just ordered some crispy chicken and a drink. You know, I usually had these chicken for take-away and the first time I ordered it, I was surprised by how generous the portion was! So this was the only time I actually ordered and eat on the spot, so I was kind of  expecting the same portion, LOL!
Gigantic Fried Chicken Steak (Garlic) IDR 35K
See how beautiful and yummy-looking the chicken are? We chose garlic seasoning, and were pretty surprised by the strength of the taste. I looooveee this. And to finally be able to eat this fresh from the frier, it was heavenly delicious. 

Gigantic Barbeque Fried Chicken Steak (Mala Sauce) IDR 38K

This menu has more variety for the sauce/seasonings, and ever since I tried this for the first time, I just never can forget the taste and I am totally hooked! Mala sauce is a popular Chinese sauce, which consists of Sichuanese peppercorn, chili pepper, and various spices simmered with oil. It is known as a sauce which is very hot and spicy to the point of making your lips and mouth feel numb. What I love about this chicken is that they are very fragrant, tender, and tasty. The sauce was poured generously and well-absorbed to the chicken meat so you can really taste it until the last bite!

Gigantic Barbeque Fried Chicken Steak (Thai Sweet Chili Sauce) IDR 38K
Beside Mala sauce, this one is also my ultimate favorite. In fact, the first time I tried the Barbeque one, I ordered with this sauce, and it made me a fan right away! The Thai Sweet Chili sauce is sweet, sour, and spicy, a totally perfect taste combined with hot and fresh crispy chicken. Must try!

Taiwan Alpine Tea (R) IDR 17K, (L) IDR 19K
The tea was aromatic, a bit bitter, and refreshing.

No matter how many times I eat their crispy chicken, I am not (yet) bored and still craving for more! One portion is usually very big so I recommend sharing with your partner, family or friends. The weakness is that they take so long to cook, but honestly, for something this delicious, I really don’t mind waiting. XD 
Beside crispy chicken and drinks, A Gantea also serves noodle and rice bowls, which unfortunately weren’t available during my visit. For the snacks, they also have many fried stuffs, but I think not everything is available anytime. Maybe next time I will try my luck!

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A Gantea Taiwan
Ruko Cordoba Blok E No. 11
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)
Jakarta Utara 14460
Ph. +62 21 71272198
Free Wi-fi: Available
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00 
Estimated Spending: min. IDR 15.000/person