Some days ago, we were on the way back home feeling hungry after being trapped in a massive Big Durian’s traffic jam for hours, we spotted this restaurant, Raja Begor, and decided to stop by. It is located in Senopati area, around Jalan Suryo, where the infamous Pondok Suryo can be found. It has its own parking area which probably can fit up to 6 cars, and lucky we got one. The restaurant is divided into two sections: the main area is the one with table and chairs, the inner dining room is lesehan type, where you sit on the floor with the low tables. The place is quite big and clean, a very good point that I noticed the moment I went in.

We chose a regular table with chairs in the main dining room, and personally, I really like the homey and typical Indonesian house interior style, which is apa adanya and honest. The walls are also decorated with amateur-ish paintings which I find very unique and original.
Going on with the menu, surprisingly they have quite an option! Not only they have many varieties of duck cuisines, also chicken, fish, and some other compliments like sayur asem etc. Good news for big eaters, each duck rice has options for the serving size: Regular, King or Super King! We all tried the regular ones and they turned out very good portions, so I can’t imagine how big the other versions are.
Nasi Bebek Sambal Ijo 43K
The sambal is very thick and aromatic, not too spicy (but ignore me because my spicy sense has already broken, LOL!), so delicious! The nasi bebek already includes all the stuffs like mixed veggies, tahu/tempe, and a bowl of sayur asem, so it is quite complete. The duck was crispy and meaty, it was so soft that we barely used any effort to take the bones out. Worth the try!

Nasi Bebek Rawit 43K
I asked the waitress for the spiciest menu they have, and this was the answer. And I LOVE IT! It was indeed spicy and entertaining my taste buds to the other level. Definitely recommended.

Nasi Ayam Kremes 31K
The chicken rice doesn’t have size options like the duck ones, but the size is already enough to make you full. Same with the duck, the chicken was quite meaty and very tasty, complimented with the kremes, it was sooo good. If you come to this restaurant on budget, the chicken menu can be a good choice!
Nasi Goreng Special 35K
It might look like your typical home-made fried rice, but trust me, the taste was fabulous. The rice is fried until dry (my fave!) but still has its moist from the black sweet soybean sauce and fresh sliced chili. It smelled so darn good and the taste won my heart right away.

Tempe Mendoan 10K
There are many types of fried tempe you can find in Indonesia, the easiest one should be around the street where they sell many types of gorengan, which is known as tempe mendoan. Basically it’s a thin-sliced tempe dipped into flour dough and deep fried. My favorite is the ones with thicker slice, and not-so-crispy flour, so it should be a bit softer then I can feel the taste of the tempe and other mixtures in the flour itself. These ones are absolutely, totally fit my ideal image of tempe mendoan, me likey!!

Kangkung Plecing 14K
Fresh big chunks of kangkung mixed with fat bean sprouts, topped with plecing sambal and Balinese nuts, heaven!
French Fries 20K
I know, it’s so random to order this kind of food there. And what can I expect? The fries were dry and not so fresh, like it was just being re-fried before served. Didn’t really matter, though, because my nephew loved it crazily!

Cane Keju Susu 15K

Ordered this just for fun and it was nice. Although they used quite a lot of condensed milk, but the additional grated cheese and fresh strawberries helped balancing the sweetness. 

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge and 10% government tax
Raja Begor
Jl. Suryo No. 35
Jakarta Selatan
Ph. +62 21 722 0973
Estimated Spending: IDR 30.000 – 60.000/person