Some days ago, we finally managed to try the D’Sushi Bodo, yet another creative chain under D’Cost group. After the success of D’Cost Seafood, followed by D’Stupid Baker focusing on bread and bakery, now they have another one specializing in Japanese cuisine, including sushi, rice bowls, noodle and so on. With the motto “Five Star Quality, Stupid Price”, it is not difficult to remember these chains as they actually stick to that (so far).
There are only 2 branches of D’Sushi Bodo in Jakarta now, one in Sunter area and the other is in Thamrin Terrace in Thamrin City Shopping Mall. This time, we went to the one in Thamrin as it’s closer and we are more familiar with the area. I’ve only been in that mall once before and it was in weekday, very quiet and dead mall, but even during weekends, it was so dead. In contrary, the Thamrin Terrace, which is supposed to be the food place, was quite crowded and full of couples or families who were enjoying their dinner in various restaurants there. It wasn’t difficult to find D’Sushi Bodo because it is located right in the middle of Thamrin Terrance and we can even see it right away from the street.
D’Sushi Bodo: Five Star Quality, Bodo (Stupid) Price

Menu Banner

Take the cards to order the food
The concept of the restaurant is similar with the D’Stupid Baker, where we have to take the cards of food that we want to order. There are various Japanese menu from the appetizers like gyoza (dumplings), miso soup, salad, until rice/noodle bowls, steak and of course, sushi. For the sushi, they have their own sushi station where we can pick ourselves and the price is IDR 2.000 – 4.000/piece. Not bad, right? But mind you, they mainly serve fusion sushi and some fried sushi which I haven’t tried yet.
After we chose the cards and the sushi, we just make the payment in the cashier and they will give you this thing like pager that will vibrate when your order is ready. I think that’s pretty cool, haha!
The pager
The sushi aren’t the best but they’re quite nice. There is even a sushi with mango slice or something, that’s so creative. I would like to come back there again just for the sushi.
Chicken Karaage – IDR 40.000
Small chunks, quite nice but not worth it.

Gyoza – IDR 20.000
Consistency was alright but too salty.

Salmon Skin Fried – IDR 20.000
Surprisingly tasty, crispy and yummy!
Bento Set (3 choices) @IDR 30.000/small, 40.000/large
Nice and filling, comes with a free miso soup.

Oh yes, here you get free flow of tea, ice tea or mineral water which you can pour for yourself freely from a station. And also, rice is free, too. But too bad, we weren’t informed about this until we finished paying for the order, and because we didn’t know about it, we were kinda ‘forced’ to buy the only two available drinks in the card menu, they cost about IDR 15.000 each.
Ice Lemon Tea – IDR 15.000

Frozen Lemonade – IDR 15.000
Sweet and sour, very refreshing.
The place is quite okay, it’s considered very cheap but the food aren’t bad! So I think it’s worth the try.
Atmosphere: Comfortable, spacious.
Service: Average.
Price*: $
Parking: Available
Attire: Casual
Credit Cards/Cash

D’Sushi Bodo 
Thamrin Terrace Lt. Dasar I
Thamrin City
Jl. Thamrin Boulevard
Jakarta Pusat
Ph. +62 21 2962 5588
Facebook: D’Sushi Bodo
Twitter: @DSushiBodo