I believe if anyone can point out one particular restaurant in Bali which he/she will recommend to locals or foreigners, it would be Made’s Warung. It was established for the first time in 1969, and has now become the social eating venue for locals, foreigners and tourists alike. But what is interesting is the story behind, about a Dutch man named Peter Steenbergen, who drove a minivan from Amsterdam to Bali in 1973 and fell in love to the first daughter of the original Made’s Warung owner. Since then, he helped in making the success of this restaurant and made it bigger and famous. Now Made’s Warung is one of the most popular restaurants in Bali, most probably in Asia, as recently it is awarded as one of Asia’s top 500 finest restaurants by The Miele Guide 2013. 
The Seminyak branch was established in 1996, is very big and spacious, located in some kind of complex in the middle of bustling street of Seminyak, it’s easy to find, and most importantly, unlike other fancy restaurants in this area, kudos for the large parking lot which are protected by a bunch of security guards. 
The place itself is divided in many areas, which many styles of interior designs, but they are warm and stylish. There is also a stage for the live performances and an open space area which looks a bit like French garden cafe and we picked a table there. Beside dining area, they also have large shopping area in the complex, mainly selling local clothing lines, batik, jewelries, and even book and gadget store. 

When we arrived, it was still bright (around 5pm), but some tables were already occupied, mainly by tourists or foreigners. Without further ado, we ordered some food and took photos of the nice views in the restaurant. It is really a good place with beautiful sceneries and very recommended to go with your partner if you happen to be in Bali, so romantic 🙂
There are even some gazebos for more intimate privacy.
After we made our orders, it took quite long until we got them served (funny because there were many staffs, but mostly just stood around the bar and had chit chat one with another), but lucky the drinks were served first.
Iced Tea – IDR 12.000++

Equil Sparkling Water – IDR 18.000++

Iced Cappuccino – IDR 20.000++

Caesar Salad with Pork – IDR 50.000++
Nice pork, dry veggie, not enough dressing, awful bread, not worth the price.

Nasi Campur Special – IDR 65.000++
Nice combination and portion, probably the best we had that day.

Cold Green Tea Soba Noodle – IDR 50.000++
Sticky soba noodle, too much ginger, cold sauce didn’t even taste like soba sauce. Best to avoid it.

Nasi Goreng ala Made – IDR 50.000++
Rice was too wet for me, tasteless but the side sambal helped a lot!
They serve large selection of food, from Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, even Western food; but from what I tried above, I think next time I should just stick to their recommended ones. The food are considered very reasonable judging from the place and the area it is in. Although the food experience that I had during this visit wasn’t exactly the best one, I still enjoyed the place very much. I don’t really like the service, though, because the waiters who served my table was a bit ignorant and he even forgot our fried rice order, and didn’t even apologize when we asked for it again. I rarely saw them smiling, which is weird because I usually really love the service in Bali’s restaurants as they are very friendly, informative and can speak English quite well. 
*All prices are subject to free service charge and 10% government tax

Made’s Warung (Branch Seminyak)
Jl. Raya Seminyak
Seminyak, Kuta 80361
Tel. +62 361 732 130
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 09.00 – 00.00
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