In the morning, we went to Chatuchak market as it only opens on Saturday and Sunday every week. The market offers various things, from clothing to food and beverages. Basically, it’s a must visit place if you go to Bangkok. Beware of your belongings, though, as it gets really crowded from the noon onwards and there are many pickpockets and such. The best is to go as early as possible to avoid the ridiculous crowds and hotness.
Stores in train station on the way to Chatuchak market

The first shop we stopped by in Chatuchak was Ramazan, a Doner Kebab shop. Apparently, this shop is quite popular as there was long queue outside and the dining area was also fully packed.

We can choose either chicken or beef, and there are 2 options of the wraps; the thin wrap or thick one. Or we can also choose rice if we prefer heavier meal. The price is only THB 50-60 each, very cheap considering the thickness of the meat and how fulfilling it was.

Satisfied with the kebab we just ate, we continued walking around until we saw a guy cooking Paella in a large wok! It just looked so delicious but we had to miss it because we were still so full of kebab, I’m gonna try this next time for sure!

Spanish Paella, mouth-watering!

Pork Satay – THB 20/skewer

Prawn Satay – THB 20/skewer

Fresh Grape Juice

Fish Cakes

Boat Noodle

Roasted Pork, yum!
After walking around for sometime, we went back home and started preparing for dinner, which was our home-made white sauce pasta. It wasn’t so successful because I couldn’t find some of the ingredients that I usually used. It tasted so good accompanied by cranberry apple sparkling wine (non alcoholic drink) and helped us warming up for the next alcohol session.
After the dinner, we enjoyed some of alcoholic drinks presented by my father-in-law, and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures, haha! The first drink was a very special Japanese sake which was a birthday gift for him from Mr. F, the owner of Tensui restaurant in Bangkok, who is one of my father-in-law’s best friends. Why so special? Apparently, this sake, named KAME (or turtle in English) is one of the best sake in Japan, and only 40 bottles were sold to public. A bottle costs around JPY 10.500 (around IDR 1.200.000), but it’s not about the price, the rarity is the point. Usually I had never liked the taste of sake, but this one was different. Rather than tasting like regular sake, this one is so sweet and fruity, very light and soft, leaving aromatic sensation inside the mouth after drinking it. The bottle is very tall and big, so satisfying. It is very lucky that we got the chance to drink this one!
The KAME sake

We then continued drinking others, just had some family fun. I totally enjoyed that day, and thanks to Mr. K who kindly served us with lovely and yummy cocktail drink!